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Quests require logout to complete

Discussion in 'Release 65 Feedback' started by Nymbil, May 10, 2019.

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    Dropped the game in alpha due to issues, just came back and decided to try it again. The grammar and spelling bugs just in the tutorial are bad enough, but to use the boat, I had to log out and back in because the bard just kept saying I had to finish the escort first. After log out/back in, he would finally talk to me and I could use the boat. Then I get to the quest with Quentin's report. I find him, and find the report, and it tells me to talk to one of the people mentioned in the report. I try them both, neither will talk to me about the report until I log out and back in.

    Then I talk my friend, who is a huge UO fan, into trying it. He makes a character and goes through the tutorial, laughing at all the grammar/spelling mistakes on the way, then gets the bard and the girl to the boat. Now he is no longer laughing because it does the same thing to him, the bard just tells him he has to finish the escort and it won't let him take the boat. Given that bugs with quest completion seem to be a theme, and in the short while we played, half the quests we did were bugged, and both of those have been reported as bugged for over a year, he quit the game. I on the other hand paid $65 for the game in 2015 and would like to play enough to at least get my moneys worth.

    Apparently it is pretty easy to reproduce these quest bugs because we both got them in the span of about 2 hours apart. Only way we could find to fix them was to log out and back in.

    It wouldn't let me reply to the posts that were already there about these quests being bugged. it would only let me create a new one. Anyway, you can add 2 more players to the list of ones with the issue.
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    Did you escort him to the boat? Or did you just run to the boat and wait for him to arrive there?
  3. Sannio

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    I'm sorry you had those experiences. I'm still working to fix quest bugs throughout the game. Yesterday, I found the problem where Edvard doesn't realize you had finished escorting him and pit in a fix, which will go live with an upcoming update. I've also been focusing on fixes and improvements to the next scene you'll be entering, the Solace Bridge Outskirts. I'm hoping you and your friend will stick with us as you'll continue seeing batches of bug fixes and improvements each update.
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