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    Hello event holders of New Britannia! First, I'd like to thank you for considering the creation of an event. Player events are some of the most engaging game content items, and the more the merrier!

    When posting events in the Recurring Events forum, please follow the guidelines below:
    • TITLE Format: (Every DATE/TIME) Name of Event (Location if not already in title)
    • Body of Post: Details details details! The more details and screenshots you provide, the more intrigued folks will be about your event. ALSO, this gives me info to work with so I can post the event in the Weekly Updates. Also, let folks know what type of event it is -- RP? PvP? RP-PvP? PvE? Dance Party?
    After your event -- sneak back into your thread and let us know how it went and thank your attendees. Perhaps post some screenshots. This way, if you decide to reutilize this thread for other occurrences, you'll start to establish a history of the good times you've had.

    Returning to your Recurring Event thread and bumping it with the results of the previous event is also a great way to let folks know this is an actively running recurring event.

    Thank you thank you! Please let me know how I can provide a more helpful guide to improving the quality of the event postings. I'm always got ears for input.
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