Release 68 Lot Permissions Update

Discussion in 'Developer Depot' started by Lord Subtleton, Jul 19, 2019.

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    Helboer in Kahli
    +1 for the doors. The limit of 10 people on the door list makes things unneccessarily hard.
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    I'm still waiting for the ability to allow people to place a chest on my lot and mark it private so that I , or anyone else cannot access it, (This part we have already I know) but THEN allow me to mark it so that they cannot move the chest only access their private content. this idea is for decorating purposes and to prevent accidental movement of chest when opening and dragging them off of stacked walls and such. in short allow them full access to the chest but not me, but I can mark it so they cannot move it. or even allow it as such that when I remove lot permissions they can no longer move it even if they placed it, only remove it if they so wish.
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    One of the most popular use cases for lot sharing is the ability to allow another player to place a chest on your lot - where the other player will have exclusive access to the chest and its contents. Here are the steps to follow to make this happen:
    1. Temporarily add the other player to your lot (see the Lot Permissions UI) with at least a Tenant level access.
    2. Allow the other player to place a chest on your lot at an agreed upon place.
    3. The other player marks the chest for Private (see right-click menu on the placed item) for both the chest itself and the items inside.
    4. Next, the owner of the lot changes the permission for the other player to either "Guest" or removes her completely.
    At this point, the other player still has exclusive access to the chest - she can remove/add items and can take the chest. However, the player can no longer place other items on the lot or make other decoration changes. In R68 as @Ostvel points out, the other player is still able to move the chest even after permissions have been revoked. For R69, the other player will not be able to move the chest, but will still be able to take the chest and access the contents.
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    Oh, how I've missed this game. It's been too long! I will finally be able to play again soon. I am loving all the updates and discussions. :)