Renounce my membership of "Moongate Travelers"

Discussion in 'Player Guilds & Groups' started by Thore Gundi, May 27, 2020.

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    I hereby renounce and cast off my membership of the "Moongate Travelers" guild. In hope to protect my fellows. I feel that I have become overwhelmed with grief. What? has occurred you may wonder? I believe that when I met Lord British at his banquet game day launch party, the "End of the World" celebration or something to that nature, any-who's, I've come to the understanding that I have absorbed and locked the fabled "Guardian, destroyer of Universes" Spirit entity. I did this on purpose so that I can use my internal S.M.F.P.H. Infinity Cage, this is made of the Spirit of the Ark of the Covenant. This is something I found at the Britany graveyard one day. I took a photograph and shared it with my friends and family on the Facebook platform. See, as Thore Gundi, I have possessed my "Human Counterpart" and now control him! It wonderful being on this "real world" TIS Super Fantastic and Wonderful! Enough about me, so back to the spiritual successor of Ultima's past, this fabled monster, is now trapped in the Infinity Cage! I feel the fraction of a moment in time though where I absorbed it, and put it in the Infinity Cage, that the Guardian's evil spiritual successor had a zeptosecond to cast all his magery and might to end Shroud of the Avatar! ... I shall continue to monitor the lands, I am forming a strategy to root him out!

    Also, I am looking for a "role playing" guild, I need some strong mages! and some Holy guys for this epic battle. I thus forth proclaim this battle to be referred to as:

    Thore House of Gundi:
    The Gateway of the Black Lie:
    "the Death of Novia"
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    Influenced? Sounds like it.
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    Best of luck in your travels, sir!
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