Reserving the right to change my COA

Discussion in 'The College of Arms' started by Tahru, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Since the game has not done anything for COA's and in fact has done little to pass down edicts, I respectfully request the right to change my COA once the edicts are in. I like my COA and I am forever grateful for those dedicated members, especially @Ronan, @Sir Frank and @Grant MacGregor whom are the heart and sole behind this sometimes thankless effort. After years pass without anything from the game company, even the most brilliant art can seem boring.

    If it does not work out where I can change, I am fine. Even if I can change, I may not. I just want to go on the record, that I might refresh it once the rules have been set. I initially designed it just using the tool in the honor of saving game resources. Since then many made custom art, so I might prefer that avenue if it comes to it. But I don't see a point in changing things until real edicts are in. Those custom works may all have to be changed for example.
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    Got ya Tahru. We are basically just waiting with no idea what or when anything will happen.
    I've already changed mine twice :)
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