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[Resolved] Missing Justice Banner bundle, cannot loot again

Discussion in '*** Bug Report Archive (After R75) ***' started by Cryptomancer, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Cryptomancer

    Cryptomancer Avatar

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    Reproduction Rate: Consistent
    Blocker (crash, can't continue)? No
    Scene Name: Elysium Mines

    /loc coordinates: Area: Elysium Mines (Novia_R11_Hills01_ElysiumMines) Loc: (-32.334, 0.75, -41.113) DBG: Tm92aWFfUjExX0hpbGxzMDFfRWx5c2l1bU1pbmVzfHwoLTMyLjMzNCwgMC43NSwgLTQxLjExMyl8KDAsIDAuMTY2LCAwLCAwLjk4Nil8Mzc0LjU0NjF8MTcuMTc3MjJ8Ni4yMjc1OTE=

    Details: I finally finished the event and looted all the chests in the temple/crypt. I did notice the Justice Banner was in a bundle. Later on once I was back in my house, I couldn't find the bundle in my inventory. Not in my bank either. No worries, I'd just go do it again... Except now the chest doesn't let me loot it anymore. I tried waiting 3 days for the maintenance buff to wear off, but still the chest doesn't open.

    I'd really like to put the banner up at home, so I appreciate any help here.
  2. Anpu

    Anpu Bug Hunter

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    Pacific Northwest
    Contact support@portalarium.com

    You either have already gotten the banner for this character and misplaced it or something else might have happened.
  3. Elgarion

    Elgarion Community Manager Moderator SOTA Developer

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    I assumed control of your account -- it's located in your player inventory amongst the yellow quest items. Scroll down towards the bottom and you'll see all your quest items there.

    Also, if on your interface settings you are hiding quest items, in your inventory window, click the cog on the top right corner and select, "Show Quest Items" to make them visible again.

    You're all set -- I'm marking this one as resolved.
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