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Discussion in 'Player Guilds & Groups' started by Knightnurse, Nov 17, 2020.

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    I've been away from SOTA for too long.

    In a world full of chaos right now, I returned to find old guild leader was banned from game, guild disbanded, and all my regular in-game friends have left for pastures new.

    So as I step out into the uncertainty, to face any challenge place before me, I once again search for companions who together we can cleanse this world from evil wrongdoings. Ideally, I search for a small, close-knit group. Who know each others business. Who suffer each others flaws. Who go that extra mile to help a friend in need. Who in times of need, pull together as one to defeat the common foes.

    I guess what I am truly looking for is a family, a home and a future.
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    Jade Valley & Wizards Rest
    Hi ya Knightnurse, Welcome back !
    There are many selfless players & lots of great guilds to join, so you will likely have a good experience regardless of who you decide to join.
    You are welcome to check out the Jade Dragons.
    In-game contact info: Our leader is Mal Hari (in-game name)
    Officers include (in-game names): Elnoth, Lily Byrd, Safronia Graemalkyn, Merrik Dragon, Froji, One Zero, and Rinaldi.

    In-forum contact info: you can message me (@Rinaldi) here in the forums.

    We are an easy going, no-pressure guild. Play how you want, and contribute what you want. We have all kinds of members: grinders, role players, crafters, tamers, bards, questers, etc.
    We often do guild runs and also adventure with players in other guilds.
    Here is more info about us.

    We can show ya around and you can decide if we are right for you :)
    See ya around!
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