's Monthly Raffle for June 2019!

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    Male wants to share the best information with the community that we can and we are currently sharing a ton of info about PvP, PvE monster hunting and loot. We will be making improvements over time and doing more with the data including hunting and PvP contests!

    One of the most popular features on this site is our "How many people are playing Shroud of the Avatar?" page. There are three important numbers on this page: confirmed players, estimated players, and new characters created. We are committed to increasing the size of the Shroud of the Avatar community and sharing a game we love. I know I personally love checking in and seeing how many kills a specific player has made like Mac, Girlsname or Elgarion (a twitch streamer with LoM). I also like checking in on myself, Titania Xylia, and hang my head in shame, but I know seeing what I have been able to accomplish in-game and improving my process.

    We want to improve our confirmed player numbers!
    One of the biggest complaints about our "How many people..." page is that people do not trust our estimated player counts, and it is ONLY an estimate. The API gives all of us the ability to see all of the activity in-game including Anonymous players. Clearly, the greatest player in-game is Anonymous that group of players has what I estimate at least 75% of the data. Some want privacy and we respect that. Most players have no clue that there is an API or that they show up in that data! This is our campaign to educate the community and hopefully give you a good reason to share your name in the stats.

    We want to continue to be the best place to find in-game pricing.
    Now, market data is never exposed in the API much to our chagrin. For the love of Torc'Dawl the Broken, give us volume and price distribution in-game in 7, 30, 90, yearly and all-time windows. Our price list is the most popular page on the site by far. The greatest mystery in-game is "where are goods in-game and how much do they cost?". Our in-game economy provides a ton of opportunity, but there are a few tools that help you manage all of the offers in-game or where to find them.

    We have the ability to process your discarded emails, which you most likely didn't know even existed. Every email that receive in-game is saved to a folder on your computer. You can upload that file and we will report on it for you. You get personal reports on items sold, items bought, top customers, top sellers, how each location performs (town specific), and total purchases and orders. You can inspect all of your receipts.

    By default, when you upload a discarded email, your data is not shared with anyone on the site. Once your data is uploaded, you can delete it off the site. Your receipt information can be downloaded from the site, as well, in JSON format.

    For the purposes of the receipt raffle, you must share your data publicly and show your player name. Login or register with this site, go to the SotA vendor tool and click on "upload discarded email" for details on how to find your discarded emails.

    The tool only supports players that have set their in-game language option to English. We're parsing a raw text file and the localization options are too diverse to possibly catch all edge cases. It's our deepest regret, but it's a big job.

    Enough! What can I win??
    If you share your data in API, there are three prizes this month! They will be distributed on July 1st. Each day that you share data with the API, will count as an entry into the raffle. There are three prizes this time around. Players can only win one of these prizes. Players are eligible to win the API raffle and the receipt raffle.

    API Raffle Prizes

    • 100 point dungeon kit - everything you need for an incredible dungeon pre-built
    • Deco pack (44 pieces)
      • 2x Black Ice Elemental Statue
      • 2x Torture Table
      • 2x Torture Rack
      • 1x Haunted Snowman Set (4 snowmen)
      • 1x Haunted Yule tree set (tabletop to four-story)
      • 1x Haunted Sleigh
      • 1x Large Lord British Telescope
      • 2x Canvas Upholstered Set - Dyeable - (2x armchairs, 2x Barrel chairs, 2x barrel sofas, 6x chairs, 1x loveseat, 1x wood trim loveseat)
    • Weapon and costume pack (23 pieces)
      • 1x purple dragon mask
      • 1x krampus mask
      • 1x Dark Yule Short Skirted Leather Bodice Set
      • 1x Black Ice Staff
      • 1x Black Ice Bow
      • 2x Black Ice Sword
      • 2x Black Ice wand
      • 1x Black Ice Wings
      • 2x Aether Axe
      • 2x Aether Two-handed mace
      • 1x Bass Fish Mask
      • 1x Haunted Snowman mask
      • 1x Dragon Polearm (Two-handed)
      • 2x Dragon Sword (One-handed)
      • 1x Dragon Bow
      • 1x Jester Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Staff
      • 1x Masquerade Mask
      • 1x Haunted Snowman mask
    Receipt Raffle Prizes

    Upload your receipts and share with the public and share your name in public reports and you will be entered to win each one of these prizes. Players can only win one of these prizes. Players are eligible to win the API raffle and the receipt raffle.

    • 2500 COTOs
    • 1500 COTOs
    • 1000 COTOs
    We will be holding this raffle every month and creating PvP and PvE tournaments. Unfortunately, there's no fishing trophy data in the API, because that would be the ideal way to hold fishing tournaments going forward and creating a fishing leaderboard.

    Prize Delivery on July 1st

    All prizes delivered July 1st via in-game mail. The dungeon prize will probably be too have, so a pick-up/trade location will be arranged with the player in-game. PM Titania Xylia in-game or on the forums for any questions or requests.

    Additional Prizes Offered by PoT Owners

    Novia Market
    Robyn Hood is offering additional prizes for residents of her town, Novia Market! The prizes in Novia Market will be rewarded randomly. The prizes are
    • 1,000 COTOs
    • 500 COTOs
    • 250 COTOs
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    Awesome contest Titania!!

    I’ve been meaning to upload my sales receipts, but keep forgetting to :oops:

    Now I am VERY motivated in doing so asap!
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    Same here, I always get sidetracked and forget to stay on top of it. I haven't uploaded anything for months. I'll do it this weekend for sure and try to get in a habit of doing it once a week.

    Great job with the site @Titania Xylia , keep up the good work. I really appreciate what you do to promote the game!
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    If you know of a PoT governor that would like to add prizes for their town, Robyn Hood is doing it for Novia Market, and I will add the details to and to this post! Thanks Robyn Hood!
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