So you want to stream Shroud?

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    Hello Everyone!

    So you have been thinking about becoming a streamer and you want to share a game you love?
    Well hopefully this will get you going in the right direction.

    Streaming in General
    First thing first obviously you will need a a twitch account and a program to stream with there are a lot to choose from but really boils down to three.


    Personally I love Streamlabs OBS for its ease of use and functionality.


    Scenes are pretty important in my opinion you should get something that goes with the game you are playing or with your style.

    It really is a good idea to have a Starting Scene and an Ending scene and of course a BRB here is what I used for shroud as examples.

    Starting Scene

    Ending Scene

    Audio Audio Audio!!!!

    The most important part of a stream is AUDIO! if people cannot hear you they are likely not to stick around they will also want to hear the game or music you might be playing but you do not want to let that overpower your voice here is an example of what I use but I also have filters for my mic so your setup may vary.


    I always have my voice hit in the yellow it will give a crisp clear sound and my music/game music to be low and ambient.

    Webcam or No?

    Well I think its no secret that people who use a webcam tend to get more viewers I believe it can be more inviting to the viewer if and when you talk to them you look into the camera but you do not have to be on cam its okay you can still have a great stream but if you choose to use a webcam try and have a nice background or use a green screen and it never hurts to have an awesome Webcam frame!


    Overlays can be a nice addition to any stream but a lot of streamers do not use them these days as they could take away from the game especially if you have too many but I think if you do not use a webcam you should have some type of overlay with motion remember "Movement Creates Movement" also you can use them as a way to show off recent follows and subs and bits to show off what your awesome community has given to you.

    Affiliate / Partner

    With streaming Shroud you will very easily hit affiliate Congrats! hitting affiliate these days is way easier than it was when I started but still a nice thing to have done it requires 50 Follower and 3 average viewers stream on 7 different days and stream for 8 hours.

    I want to draw one attention to this that should really be thought about with affiliate Twitch owns your likeness they can use it for whatever they want WITHOUT your permission because when you became an affiliate you signed a contract to give them permission just some food for thought once you are affiliate the only place you are allowed to stream is twitch itself and that is no Bueno in some respects.

    Partner requires average of 75 viewers in a month raids do not count toward that also stream for 25 hours on 12 different days as of writing this my average viewers have been hovering around the 20's its a long steep climb


    Here are some thoughts on raiding it can be a very nice gesture but it is not a necessity and sometimes not advisable it is not always in the best interest of a new streamer to receive 20 100 or 1000 people at once because they might not be able to keep up with the conversation or get overwhelmed you could potentially give them a bad stream and you might also want to vet someone's content before you raid them perhaps they will not be suitable for your audience which hopefully you know what they like by now.

    You are in no way shape or form obligated to raid and I would say if you have a low viewer count do not do it, it could seem like a grab for attention like you want to take viewers at a later point.

    Hosting can be a great way to gain some viewers host your friends or people you really enjoy watching!


    Followers are great but remember Followers do not mean Viewers so having a big number is cool but just remember sometimes they might not comeback it is on you to provide awesome content that keeps them there at the time of writing this I have 587 followers from which 162 came from shroud.


    It's okay that you want to make money off your stream :) so don't fret and don't feel weird if someone gives you bits or a sub they did it because they wanted to not because they are obligated to but here are some things you should probably avoid.


    Don't put an insane bit goal on your stream it will be a turn off to your viewers. Remember your viewers are not millionaires and as much as we would like people to help us for the content we give it is not a requirement I have seen a lot of streams with tons of goals on them and its an immediate turn off for me and others as well.

    Also if you set a goal and your viewers meet the goal don't automatically create a new one it is bad form and will make you look greedy.

    Here is a goal I like to use and its a lot of fun!

    My one bit goal!

    set the goal to one bit and look at that awesome percentage!!

    Consider making Merch or adding Amazon blacksmith to your stream that way your viewers are helping you and getting something from it.


    Lurkers are going to lurk and not engage this is okay and acceptable just let them hang out

    What kind of streamer do you want to be?

    So this is a question you should ask yourself what kind of streamer do you want to be? a gamer? or a content creator?

    Gamers tend to get low viewer counts cause they mainly just play the game and give low inter action

    Content creators tend to do better because they have fun and are making something with the viewer a great example of this of course is The graceful bard she makes music for her viewers while playing the game

    where I'm not musically inclined to make music I would do something a little different

    like singing to a dragon!

    Just have fun in the end and be you! there is a place for everyone!

    Important things

    If you have someone in your stream making you have a bad time kick/ban them if you aren't having fun neither will your viewers

    Engage everyone who comes in and talks to you don't pick and choose who you want to talk to they came in say hi! and ask them how their day is going.

    You want to stream other games? well that's okay! if you want to maintain viewership its usually best to stay in the type of genre of what you do!

    if you are having a bad day don't stream!

    Set a schedule and do your best to stick to it here is an example of mine.
    Mon: 7:30-10pm CST
    Tues: 9am-10am CST
    Wed: 7:30-10pm CST
    Thurs: Off
    Friday: 7:30-10pm CST
    Saturday: 7:30-10pm CST
    Sunday: Off


    Streaming Shroud of the Avatar!

    Here are some thoughts on streaming Sota try to avoid using alcohol in game you don't know if your viewers have motion sickness and it can and will cause that in someone.

    Cover your chat? up to you but people seem to prefer if you do. I like to cover mine with my cam.

    Show off what you love about the game and share from your experiences of things you have done wrong while playing or done right!

    This one is a bit important because I see it a lot.. do not spend your entire stream talking about what you would do to make the game better if you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism post it on the forum if you do this too much it seems like you are complaining and people are going to wonder why you even play the game

    Shroud has a great community try and be a good example

    Now once you have done this what do you do next? well you make a forum post of course! and you @Elgarion so that he may share your stream with the community! and if you plan to stream a lot reach out to @Laney to join the streamer program!

    I really hope this post if helpful to some of you and I will edit it as things as they come to mind and of course if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me I'm more than glad to help!
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    What a fantastic and thorough guide! Thanks for this!
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    @Zeek Latreck, can I use the info to publish a book in game?
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    Awesome Zeek! Thanks for putting in all this hard work :)
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