Spindelskog Extreme, Ghosts, Pets, and XP

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    I've talked to a number of tamers concerned that having a pet out in Spindelskog Extreme results in a bug where Ghosts don't give as much XP as they should, give half as much, or that sometimes one of a group will give no XP at all. Gwendolyn Obscuro was unable to reproduce it in Spindelskog Normal so we went over to Extreme to see if we could find it there.

    We didn't find a bug, at least not that bug, but we found some peculiar behavior that folks have known about for a some time. There's two types of Ghost in each difficulty of Spindelskog it seems. They have the same Tier and Health, but will give differing amounts of XP. In fact one version gives exactly half the XP of the other.

    In our test on Extreme we found the XP coming in to be either 152,138 per person per ghost or 304,276 per person per ghost. Because we were in a two member party this should translate to 173,872xp and 347,744xp per mob.* We got this XP from ghosts whether we killed them with a pet out or not, and no matter who dealt the killing blow (pet included). It's easy to see how killing a ghost for 304k XP then another for 152K XP would lead you to think you lost half your XP on the second kill. Similarly someone who kills a ghost for 304k XP then kills a pair and again gets 304k XP might very easily assume that one kill simply wasn't counted.

    This seems to be the root of the belief of a pet/XP bug in the zone, and no doubt it's odd. I'm curious if it's intentional, having two ostensibly identical mobs give different XP, but I suppose it doesn't matter much either way. The XP and loot from killing many ghosts will average out and I believe those are the numbers the devs generally look at for balance.

    I've uploaded the test in case anyone wanted to check our methodology (kill some stuff and look at the XP, simple enough) but it's probably of more value for folks to just go to the zone and see if they get the same results.

    *For party XP calculations see: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/xp-distribution-for-parties.168142/
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