(SPOILER) POT Row Lot Deed Reward for Completing Story (R55)

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    Greetings Avatars,

    We know that while property ownership is not a required component of the Shroud of the Avatar experience it is a very compelling one. So much so that we want all players to have a clear path towards that goal. We already have the deed raffle and deeds that drop as loot but those are random chances versus certainties.

    Several members of our community suggested we reward property for a significant achievement in the game, some huge feat.

    We really love that idea so, starting as soon as Release 55, all Avatars who complete the entire story will receive a Player Owned Town Row Lot Deed (Taxed) from the Oracle! This means completing the Paths of Truth, Love, Courage, and the Path of the Oracle. This will be retroactive so anyone who has already completed the story will merely need to revisit the Oracle and enquire about property to receive their lot deed.

    This lot deed will not be tradeable between players and there will be a limit of one lot deed per account (i.e. you will not be able to earn one for each character you have). The no-trade and account limit are to prevent farming.

    Note that in Offline Mode this lot deed can be used anywhere, not just in Player Owned Towns!

    For those concerned about taxes a reminder that the Oracle provides 500 gold per day for consulting with her which is the same amount of taxes owed for a Row Lot per day.
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