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Target selection not working within party

Discussion in 'Release 33 Bug Forum' started by zyxe, Sep 5, 2016.

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  1. zyxe

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    There are already a few bug reports on targeting, but I'll add another dimension to it here.

    1. Title: Target selection not working within party
    2. Reproduction Rate: seemingly random, but it has happened many times within R33
    3. Blocker? No
    4. Details: Using player-targeting spells such as healing light spells will seemingly randomly select non-selected party members instead of the caster. This occurs both when no party members are actively selected AND when a specific party member is selected. I.e. I may have a party member selected and I try to heal them but instead it heals me even when they are within range, or I have nobody selected and heal and it heals a party member. It seems that if I hit F1 to target myself, the spell usually works as intended (though I think there have been instances where it still did not work, uncertain of that at this time), but not always. It seems to be randomly selecting targets. I have been targeting an enemy in melee range combat and try to heal myself and instead I end up healing another party member. I only ever play on a two person team, usually the other player is the leader, so I'm not certain if it's defaulting to the leader or just randomly selecting other players in the party.
    5. Steps to Reproduce:Get on a team, start playing with player-targeting spells.
    6. User Specs: NA
  2. Deiniak

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    Targeting party VS targeting self is completely messed up IMO
    I'm 10 feet away from a party member, looking in the opposite direction, try to buff myself and Guest who get the buff ?

    Pretty plz Port Tell me this is not the final targeting systeme. IT could get SO more love from you
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