The First Ever GM Event in an MMO (UO 1997)

Discussion in 'The Kingdoms of Old' started by Magosa, Mar 1, 2016.

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    It was a sunday evening around October time 1997. Great Lord Greymage and Lady Magos were sat chatting in Vesper on Catskills talking about our magic spells and reagents.

    Suddenly the town criers began shouting about an undead invasion off to the coast. We decyphered the location from the clues given and it happened that Greymage had a recall rune marked very close. We were soon at the right place and behold, a ship had been sunk and its vast treasure lay strewn across the shoreline. But many undead guarded these treasures.

    There were dozens upon dozens of treasure chests, filled with the finest loot imaginable. Piles and piles of gold too and many items just laying on the ground.

    We did what we could but folks who were playing in those early months will remember sunday evenings at the busiest - and laggiest - times of the week. At times we were only getting one or two frames every few seconds - I suspect due to the vast amount of treasure that had been spawned.

    We did what we could to keep the lands safe from the undead - and burdened ourselves with too much plate armor and gold :)

    The coolest thing of all was that for a whole week afterwards the town criers - in every town and on every server, not just Catskills - constantly announced the bravery of Great Lord Greymage and Lady Magos in delivering the lands of Lord Britain from the undead rampage. I often wonder what happened to my good friend Greymage. He was - and I'm sure still is - a fine fellow.

    All the above is 100% true :)
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    The Duke and The Princess. Meridian 59. Public/GM events, 1996. Those on-the-run PvP pitched battles... oh my they were astonishing.
    The best part was it was all driven by server side scripts, thresholds & player actions already built into the game. Direct & Indirect PvP insulated by NPC's. The best system to date I've seen for player interaction.
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    uhmm....the only time I toke part in a GM action hosted by Mr. Garriot...that was at release in tabula rasa...and...and...and...I still wake up in sweat at night. hear that owe me one. ;)
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    GM-events .. *dreamy* .. there were many ..

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