The Stone Dragon Player created quest Grand Opening

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    It's the grand opening
    Of this new quest and dungeon.

    The quest will be available to do anytime, including the encounter rooms in the dungeon.*

    COME to the Hall of Inquiry and Learning in Jade Valley and
    check in at the Information desk to begin your adventure

    *PS if you want harder encounters in the dungeon part then contact Merrik Dragon in game and he will change the levels that we have set. We chose level one so it's the most accessible for the majority.

    there will be a dance in the Cavern Tavern Cavern 22 August 2019:

    Novians and Outlanders from all realities

    HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The Jade Dragons Present:
    it's time for a DANCE
    in a CAVERN
    YES it's really a TAVERN
    in a CAVERN*
    in Jade Valley

    Let me explain: There was some trouble in Jade Valley recently. We made it through an uprising of evil here at home and are feeling the joy in the fresh air of change. So we dove underground and found a grungy dark place to party with you all. Come, find out what happened in the valley and dance the night away in the Cavern called the Tavern Cavern with a special DJ JUSTYN SHOW STARTING AT 7 PM ON RADIO FREE BRITANNIA for an evening of dancing and music.

    Starts at 7 PM NBT (that is central USA time zone and also stands for New Britannia Time)
    on THURSDAY 23 August

    bring your best adventuring gear and your best dancing shoes,

    COME to the Hall of Inquiry and Learning in Jade Valley
    check in at the Information desk
    follow the clues (6 of them there are more clues if you wish to do the encounters in the dungeon before the party) that lead you to the dungeon* where the dance is being held

    Oh, and bring a friend or two. And don't forget your weapons. This is an adventurous location after all.

    *There will be help if you come alone
    (Yes there is somewhere to wash up and change to your dance clothes after the adventure (in the spa at the Charlotte Memorial Spa) and before the dancing but don't forget to pack your Cavern Tavern finery)

    ~~~~Justyn is going to make us all enjoy ourselves even if we think we aren't going to...yup she's the DJ folks!! I'm so excited to tune into Radio Free Britannia and find out what she will bring to our ears on Thursday night.~~~~

    See you on Thursday Night in Novia

    *Dungeon is located in Jade Valley
    **location will be disclosed at 8 pm for those who don't wish to go through the clues to arrive at the dancing destination
    ***fun is ALWAYS guaranteed in an adventure, that's why we are here isn't it?

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