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Time for Taming to be Fixed.

Discussion in 'Release 64 Feedback' started by Grizzly Adams, Apr 14, 2019.

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    As I cannot watch @Chris and his stream live I have no way of ever getting my question answered.

    So I have decided to post it here in the remote chance that he will see it, or indeed anyone from Port that can make things happen.

    Atos has admitted on a few of the Twitch streams that I have watched that he has not played a Tamer in game. That is painfully obvious to those of us that have and do regularly.

    Ok firstly, I played a Tamer as my main in UO for many many years, and the fact a taming skill existed in Shroud was one of the main reasons I decided to give this game a try.
    So coming up to my first year anniversary of coming to Shroud I have a Tamer as my main who has 136 Taming, and a total of 1183 points in the taming tree, the amount of XP I have no idea but it must be in excess of 140 million.

    There have been many many promises that Taming will receive some long overdue attention. To date this has not happened. Since Atos has started his daily twitch streaming he had made some changes to magic summoned pets that players who watch the stream live have requested, but nothing for tamers.

    The problems with the current system are many, but my main problem are as follows
    • The huge focus cost of a top end pet. Destroyer Bear for me is 329.6 focus cost.
    • The low level of damage this pet puts out for its 2327 HP. A friend has a summoned Lich that does much more damage.
    • A player with no taming skill just high summoning can have a destroyer bear and even though it has less HP than my bear it does the same level of damage but still less than the Lich.

    Also a more importantly to me spells to heal and res players should not work on Tamed pets at all.
    I have invested 224 point in pet heals and res but players without this can use heals from the life tree on their pets. Why is this allowed??

    I have more issues, but the will to waste more of my time on some thing that seems to be brushed aside time after time is going.
    Will this post prove yet another waste on my time.
    @Chris @DarkStarr
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.