Travel journal about the South entrance to Dragomir Mori - Part 2

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    Dragomir Mori
    Part 1 to find here:

    The report continues:

    After entering the Inn I can see a very well lit room with 2 fireplaces to hold the guests warm and get them dry again in this rainy times. That was a welcome difference to the normally only in the kitchen heated other Inn's on my previous trip so far outside of the real big Towns of Aerie or Etceter.

    The sturdy interior to the left was a table in front of the big fireplace and behind that the bar with stools to rest. The places at the table and the bar were full with local peasants, craftsmen, adventurers and on the second look also a sturdy miner.

    Smelling the scent of sizzling meat with good spices I nearly rushed to the free place on the far left side of the bar as a paying guest made his way upstairs.

    There I also spotted a good place near the fire to place my Backpack to get dry again.

    On my way through the crowd I saw on the right the other Fireplace where the better not to say noble military looking officers and subalterns seemed to enjoy a good silver goblet of wine and some food while their leaders to the far back near the stairs were absorbed in a heated discussion and the troops at the two tables near the entrance enjoyed a hearty meal. There were 3 groups of them: somewhat ragged looking elder elves, the bulky Norgards and people in Ardoris armor (what seemed odd, what are they both doing so far from their turf?).
    As soon as I placed my backpack at the fireplace and occupied the seat at the bar a bear of a man stood in front of me - not behind the counter - and pressed a paper sheet in my hands and said "You read - 'll come back shortly" and pushed through the crowd towards the troops.

    At first I didn't know what to do with that paper, nearly stunned by the presence of that grizzly sized man, but then I remembered the paper in my hands and began to read. The title said "PRICETable" and I started to understand. That was a list of all his available drinks and his reference to a board with the daily special food - today it noted a bear-steak with potatoes and garlic butter. 'What a bizarre composition' - I thought. But the praise of the young elf was still in my ears.

    So when the bear, I mean the man the size of a bear came back, this time behind the counter, he asked 'what's it for you, foreigner' and pointed to the paper. I nearly stammered my answer 'House Beer Brew and the todays special, please', he already took the paper out of my hands and put it back on top of a staple of other papers while he also started to pour a wooden mug and cried "ONE MORE SPECIAL".

    Then he put the mug in my waiting hand, said something like 'skull', cheered his mug (where did he grab that one?) against mine, took a big sip and went off to the next customer. And all that in a floating motion that spoke of his craftsmanship as bartender.

    The beer tasted really good with a spicy flavor I couldn't place. Drinking it fast, for myself - man was I thirsty after the mileage I did today - I tried to sign the bartender that I want another one just as he brought a plate with steak, potatoes and a already smelting creamy substance on top of it, placed it in front of me, nodded and filled my mug again. The smell was mouth-watering and I started to eat with appetite. The meat and the molten spicy garlic butter complemented each other in ways I never thought possible.

    While eating I tried to get a feeling for the place. The crowd seems to be in a great relaxed mood - no extra loud ones, normal discussions of day to day tasks, how the oncoming opening party in town would impact their trade, stangely the troops also were a normal part of the crowd, none seems to care about them being here.

    Mmmh, the steak was delicious.

    Also the bartender did a great job seeing the ones who needed attention, mostly already bringing the desired beverages in need, speaking with others on the go - a well executed dance of the bartender there.

    I finished my plate and only was looking up as the bear already stands in front of me taking the plate and asking 'you need a place to stay? You can have room 21 - second floor first room on the right' and vanishes with the plate into the kitchen without actually waiting for my answer. Looking down I saw a key with 21 embraced on it laying in front of me, where the plate was before. This man is ridiculous.

    So it came, that I went up to my assigned room and tried to collect my thoughts and bring them to paper. As I fell asleep, the coming dreams were about the ruins outside and their mysteries.As I fell asleep, the coming dreams were about the ruins outside and their mysteries and the troops. My curiosity was making me anxious to reveal their secrets.

    But that is a story for another time.

    May be continued....

    From the Journal of the Traveler R.W. about Dragomir Mori South entrance

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