World Bosses

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    I love the random world encounters its one of the thinks I jumped into in the beginning, however I feel the world map is underutilized in this and it could be easily expanded to create more dynamic challenging content by having World Bosses like Troll Lords, Ogre Lords, Named Dragons, Named Bandits, Named Liches, other Named Creatures and so on.
    -These would be on a random spawn timer so there would only be a few up at any one time.
    -They would have unique Epic loot.
    -They would be very difficult requiring a group to take down (throws down gauntlet Devs do your worst :p)
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    To make something fun out of it, I think this would require a few things :

    1. Too much health/regen for it to be cheesed by a single player (The regen could be balanced due to the different phases or spawns from points 3 and 4!)
    2. All (or most) attacks should be skill based to dodge (much like tail swipes, troll stomps, etc)
    3. Phases that demand different attack styles (ex. The monster lights up on fire, doing too much damage to melee fighters, and burning arrows before they touch him, forcing spellcasters to be part of the mix to beat this phase, and a phase where there is a null-attunement field!)
    4. Adds that spawn and force a tactic (like the spider queen babies)
    5. Per Character reward, Meaning everyone who participated in the fight and dealt at least x damage gets a reward

    And have ONE of these bosses be in a forced PvP scene, something something about shardfalls and that would make it fun. Obviously the rewards from this boss should be PvP specific rewards (Once again, consider the obsidian fragment being a pvp currency, and then create artifacts, gems and jewels that ONLY work during pvp combat or in pvp scenes!). Will the avatars group up and defeat the boss together, or will they turn against themselves and let the Obsidian Overlord win?

    Love the idea though Hemnu!
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    If they wanted to have truly group content, it'd have to be designed so that you physically had to have multiple players. If fighting a dragon, one person targets the wing, another targets the tail, while a third person unties the chandelier. The fact that defeating a boss requires only making the HP go from large->zero, means it'll probably be soloable.
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