1. This section of the forums will house threads containing game lore and fiction. These are the backstories, rumours and tales of New Britannia. Though all of the posts here are by the Dev Team, some will be from the perspective of the NPCs within the game, in some cases stories that have been handed down through generations before and after the Cataclysm of the Shardfall. These interpretations, may not be as accurate as one may hope! The too will be posts that define the Lore. There are from the Developer's viewpoint and can be considered more accurate. All posts in this section will be read-only. Player discussion of the topics here can be posted in the Feedback sub-section contained herein. Please be sure to use the feedback thread of the same name as the post to be discussed.

Game Lore and Fiction

Captivating writings pertaining to the places and peoples of New Britannia

  1. Game Lore and Fiction Feedback

    Player discussions on Lore and Fiction posted by the Dev Team
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