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    Many of us have continued to support this game with the current optional Rewards Program every month that is currently available to players, if they wish to help in the support of the development of the game (like I do).

    We do get various items like the best price for COTO's, Obsidian Potions and some unique rewards, but as we continuously back the development of this game (concurrently, as in not just deciding to back it for a few months and then decide not to), we don't get much more than that. But that is ok.

    I would like to see a possible concurrent reward for players that DO continue to support this game concurrently month after month. This is specifically for people that continue to support the game concurrently (month after month).

    We are approaching the 3rd-4th(?) year that this program has been added and I'd like to see some added Concurrent rewards for such players. Again, these would only be for concurrent Rewards Program Subscribers that have continued to support the game every month after month.

    Some suggestions:

    1 Year of Concurrent subscriptions: A completely unique cloth outfit. This would allow us to attend events that is a great looking outfit that identifies us as people who back the game, month after month.

    2 Years of Concurrent subscriptions: A completely unique 4 story Row Lot Home.

    3 Years of Concurrent subscriptions: A completely unique 3 story Village Lot Home.

    These are only some suggestions I was thinking about. Other people who also are backing the rewards program might have some other suggestions (and please feel free to post them), but I just wanted to put this out there.

    Thank you for your time, and I know even such a suggestion is a LOT of dev time. But I just wanted to throw this out there, and maybe get some discussion going.

    Thank you for your time!
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    I like the outfit and house ideas.

    For us collectors, I'd also like something that marks the "when" of the support. An annual cloak and wall certificate given out in January to anyone that support the entirety of previous year. These could even be the same artwork each year with just a different label for the year. "Keeper 2020" or something. A wall of cloak and/or certificates could tell a story.
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    A lot of games implement rewards like this via some sort of "veteran rewards" vendor or somesuch.
    Each month you've subscribed you get a certain number of "veteran things" whether its a coin, certificate, ticket, whatever, and then there's an in-game vendor tucked away somewhere that has a selection of stuff only available for this non-tradeable currency which are priced to reflect duration of subscription. You could have cheap things for a few "months" worth (like say, outlandish hair dye colors, capes, outfits) or expensive things like special veteran-only mounts, pets, and whatnot.

    There's even intangibles, like a special "nameplate" when someone selects your character.

    What would be even better would be the ability to buy RECIPES so that your veteran character knows how to make something, like special blocks or pavers or somesuch (which would of course be considered heritage/nontradeable). Then its not just a thing you stick on a wall somewhere but something you could use for years to come as you continue to play the game.
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