Could someone share some basic LUA code for a very basic quest item mod?

Discussion in 'Lua Discussions' started by Anpu, Feb 12, 2023.

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    For those of you who are knowledgeable with coding LUA mods, could you share a basic example of LUA code that would do the following:

    The mod would place a square, movable window, that can be closed as well. The window would have the title of Quests.

    This mod would check for the following quest item in the players inventory: Boundless Forest Rune Bag

    If this object is found in the players current inventory, text would now show up saying "Return Rune Bag to Pendro in Yew" would then be placed in the window above. This text would then go away as soon as the player no longer has this item in inventory.

    I'm a very basic coder that does understand some stuff (I used to code a LOT with the Neverwinter Nights scripting language, which was awesome). And the Neverwinter Nights forums back in the day were so helpful with many many basic scripting code examples to help people understand basic coding. But if I could just start at a very basic level of example of code this would help me to start to understand, and then experiment with. This would also be a great asset to share with the community as well.

    I get this is probably a bit of work on someone's part to do, but if you happen to have the time, and would like to share an example, please do. Thank you.