Does anyone else find it hard to get Panopticon Cell Keys?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bridge Troll, Sep 1, 2021.

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    I can get elevator keys easily, but many days I have to clear all 3 levels and maybe some outside before I can get a cell key. Sometimes this takes so long that I forget that I was there to do a daily.

    Are any of you experiencing the same?

    Also, it seems weird that a daily with so much randomness and effort, has the weakest reward.
  2. Gwendolyn Obscuro

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    I have a stash of 139 cell keys and 328 elevator keys in my bank. I also use the elevator keys more often, each time I go I only use 1 cell key and need an elevator key between each level. So the elevator keys do drop more often but I feel like the cell keys still drop enough. In general I treat that daily as a 'since I'm here' instead of a reason to go. I do agree the reward is weak, I was hoping a new arti would be put in as a reward there.
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