Don't be alarmed about The Fellowship's shopping list

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    ~SOTA Monk~ ~Monastery~ ~Thailand~
    ~Some Empty Vendors~

    ~Don't be alarmed, it was all just The Fellowship's shopping list for a special project~

    Just a few hours ago, The Fellowship went shopping for a special project being prepared for, so we want to insure that no New Britannia Citizen becomes alarmed or driven into panic when and if they wake to discover their vendor suddenly empty, or completely gone with a ransom note left behind.

    We were forced to confiscate the contents of some vendors due to our ongoing needs preparing for a special project of the cult which lay sometime in your distant future.

    Had this been an actual New Britannia wide emergency, many more would have found their vendor gone, disappeared into the night with a very reasonable amount in ransom demanded for their return.

    ~"The Fellowship"~
    ~Was Here and You will Hear From Us~
    *the blood stained note left behind*

    We may be demanding further resources at anytime, so begin restocking immediately!

    The following list of items were confiscated only hours ago with due compensation left behind, or not...




    *This message will self destruct in a matter of days...

    ~The Triad of Inner Strength~
    Worthiness, Trust and Unity
    ~'The Fellowship'~
    You have been warned!

    :cool:~Time Lord~:cool:

    (Just a fancy RP way of saying that I emptied out about 12 player's vendors last night as well as depleting many others and they should check & restock so they don't lose customers)
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