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PoT Changes/Communication, What to expect?

Discussion in 'Release 28 Dev+' started by Peeps, Mar 26, 2016.

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  1. Peeps

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    Redwood Isle
    I am not sure where this should go. I will probably be told to put in a ticket but I think that is a little intrusive so I have not.

    I put in a change for 2 of my 3 PoTs before the locking function was added.
    I then went back after the locking function, and hit the lock button.
    I am sure the lock button worked since all my extras are now in my bank.
    I assumed I would get my town changes into R28, but they are not on the QA server.

    I have received no communication from Port so I now assume they may be waiting for the next wipe but I have no idea.
    So my question is, should I just wait and assume? or should I put in a ticket? I would really rather not bother any one with a ticket.

  2. Weins201

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    QA is just an update to R27 it is not R28 perhaps wait till R28 launches to see if fixed.
  3. Roycestein Kaelstrom

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    I'm on a similar boat as yours. My town name was not the name I wanted (they pulled the data before I submitted the final version back in R26). I was told it should be effective by R28, but the form lock policy came up. I did lock the form, but did not see the change on R28 on the QA server. However, I did notice a new town wagon right across mine.

    Maybe the locked form only guarantee to be done at the final wipe (but potentially can be sooner depending on the workload)?
  4. Attenwood

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    Hello @Peeps and thanks for reaching out for clarification! If possible, could you include the names of your PoTs for me to investigate further to get you details on their progress? Depending on when you locked your form, it's possible it did not get collected in time with the latest POT Change data pull for R28 changes. I'm happy to look into it for you.

    I'm also submitting a ticket to review our communication strategy for when POT forms get locked so that there's, at the very least, a receipt acknowledging that we received the change request, however long it might take us to implement it. :)

  5. ashmaul

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    I was logged in with a different account when I had posted that and did not notice. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.
    Town Names are:
    Aschfahl Festung
    Unter Kampf

    I submitted a Template, and name Change for Aschfahl, and just a name change for the other.

    Thank you very much for your time
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