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[WTS] Rares, Discontinued Items, Pledge Items, & More! Check It Out

Discussion in 'WTSell (I Have - Except House/Lot/Commodities)' started by Cairo Hayden, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Cairo Hayden

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    All items below are for sale PayPal only. Please PM if interested. Thank you!

    Weapons/Clothing/Wearable Section
    Show this off with you rates in your museum or a center piece in your home. This item is crafted by the creator himself and is one of a kind!

    <<< Obsidian War Hammer + 2 - Crafted By Lord British >>> This was given during a special in-game event only and is was crafted by Lord British himself.

    Ancestor's Cloak
    Striped Cloak
    Demon Wings - SOLD
    Kobold Clockwork Wings - SOLD
    Virtue Clockwork Wings - SOLD
    Ankh of Virtue Necklace
    Founder's Taming Creature Call
    Iolo's Lute
    Copper Clockwork Armor Boots, Guantlets, Helm, Leggings & Chestpiece
    Virtue Aeronaut Boots, Gloves, & Leggings
    Virtue Flame Boots, Chest Armor, Gloves, Leggings & Helm
    Clockwork Umbrella

    Benefactor's Vanduul Polearm
    Founder's Bow
    Founder's Cutlass
    Founder's Two-handed Axe
    Founder's Vanduul Polearm
    Iolo's Founder Crossbow
    Iolo's Royal Founder Crossbow
    Royal Founder's Cutlass
    Founder's Shield
    Founder's Cloth Chest Armor
    Founder's Cloth Gloves
    Founder's Cloth Leggings
    Founder's Cloth Shoes
    Founder's Cloth Tunic
    Founder's Leather Boots
    Founder's Leather Bracers
    Founder's Leather Chest Armor
    Founder's Leather Leggings
    Founder's Mail Leggings
    Founder' Plate Boots
    Founder's Plate Armor
    Founder's Plate Guantlets
    Founder's Plate Leggings
    Royal Founder's Cloth Tunic
    Royal Founder's Mail Boots
    Royal Founder's Mail Gloves

    1-Story Common Aspen Tree x 2
    1-Story Fountain Palm Tree x 2
    1-Story Juniper Topiary Tree x 2
    1-Story Juniper Tree x 2
    1-Story Puzzle Tree x 2
    1-Story White Oak x 2
    1-Story Blue Spruce Tree x 2
    1-Story Yellow Cedar Tree x 2
    2-Story Blue Spruce Tree x 2
    2-Story Fountain Palm Tree x 2
    2-Story Juniper Topiary Tree x 2
    2-Story Juniper Tree x 2
    2-Story Puzzle Tree x 2
    2-Story Yellow Cedar Tree x 2
    3-Story Blue Spruce Tree x 1
    3-Story Common Aspen Tree x 1
    3-Story Common Linden Tree x 1
    3-Story Fountain Palm Tree x 3
    3-Story Juniper Topiary Tree x 1
    3-Story Juniper Tree x 1
    3-Story Puzzle Tree x 1
    3-Story White Oak Tree x 1
    3-Story Yellow Cedar Tree x 1
    4-Story Blue Spruce Tree x 1
    4-Story Common Aspen Tree x 1
    4-Story Juniper Topiary Tree x 1
    4-Story Juniper Tree x 1
    4-Story Puzzle Tree x 1
    4-Story White Oak Tree x 1
    4-Story Yellow Cedar Tree x 1
    Rare Trees
    4-Story Yule Tree 2016 - SOLD
    Giant Yule Tree 2015 - SOLD
    Large Yule Tree 2016****

    2015 Fireworks 45-Piece Gift Reward Pack x 4
    Automaton Decoration Pet
    Brass Clockwork Monkey Deocration Pet
    Brass Clockwork Raven Decoration Pet
    Brass Mini Automaton Deocration Pet
    Baby Copper Clockwork Dragon Decoration Pet
    Edelmann Autmaton
    Edelmann Birdbath
    Aether Vibration Amplifier Console
    Barn Owl Decoration
    Benefactor's Plaque
    Domesday Certificate
    Great Dane Decoration Pet
    Menorah 2014(rare) - SOLD
    Menorah 2015(rare)
    Menorah 2016(rare)
    Replenishing Confetti Eggs Basket 2017
    Replenishing Lord British Birthday Cake 2017
    Lord Marshal's Drinking Horn
    Novia Painting
    Saddle with bags with stand(rare) - SOLD
    Saddle with stand(rare) - SOLD
    Shroud of the Avatar Painting
    Great Dane Decroation Pet
    Noble's Magical Discourse Orb(rare)
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  2. Ash Silvertongue

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    Thank you for the smooth transaction
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  3. Kazhkrut Throquuk

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    Very fast delivery and honest seller. Will do business with again.