1. This forum section is for Feedback and Bug Reports on the live game server. If you are reporting an issue seen when using the Player Test Environment on the QA Server, please go here..

    Search the forum before posting, your idea or bug may have already been documented, and it would be better to add to the existing conversation than start a new one. Please keep feedback and bugs separated in the appropriate sub-forums. We hear you, and greatly appreciate your feedback on this latest release!

    Read this document BEFORE submitting your first bug: Reporting Bugsā€¦ QA 101 Document
    To report a bug, please use the /bug command in game. This will collect pertinent information and open this forum for you. Locate the best bug sub-forum that best suits the issue you found, start a new thread and paste (<CTRL>-V) the information into the post. A partially filled out form will appear; please complete the missing information and provide some detail as to what actions lead to the issue. If for any reason you cannot paste the /bug data from in game, be sure to follow the format below (it will help us out greatly in responding):

    Reply to an existing thread if you have additional information for the reported bug. Do not use this forum for commentary, your post will be deleted and you may be moderated, suspended or banned if the activity continues.
    NOTE: There is no need to submit crash logs. Crash data we require is automatically logged.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Thank you bug hunters!
    If the clipboard does not work, please use this as a form:

    Reproduction Rate:
    Blocker (crash, can't continue)?
    Scene Name:
    /loc coordinates:
    Steps to Reproduce:
    User Specs:
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