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  1. Stratos2
    Stratos2 daenary
    Thanks for the trade!!
  2. Stratos2
    Stratos2 Caswick
    Thanks! Great trade. Enjoy!
  3. saigontour
    saigontour bangbaogia
    Specializing in providing tours in Vietnam and abroad.
  4. Elrond
  5. Stratos2
    Stratos2 Tancreddo
    Thanks for the fast, easy transaction! Perfect Buyer!
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  6. Tancreddo
    Tancreddo Stratos2
    Excellent transaction!! So fast... will do business with anytime!! A+++++
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  7. Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo hermestraveler00
    fantastic trader, quick delivery and easy to deal with. Will trade again.
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  8. Vaentorian
    Vaentorian that_shawn_guy
    Pleasure doing business with you!
  9. tyorl999
    tyorl999 Fiero Steele
    and again a nice and thrustfull deal :) thx a lot A+++
  10. that_shawn_guy
  11. Elrond
    Elrond Violette Dyonisys
    Good Trade . I reccomend . A+++
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  12. Violette Dyonisys
    Violette Dyonisys Elrond
    Quick and easy transaction!
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  13. Hemswal The Descended
    Hemswal The Descended Oracle Watcher
    Are you related to Shroudbert Steinbot?
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  14. Zeek Latreck
    Zeek Latreck Stratos2
    Good trader thanks.
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  15. Zeek Latreck
  16. tyorl999
    tyorl999 Stratos2
    nice fast and thrustfull deal again :) ... A+++
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  17. Stratos2
    Stratos2 Pifester
    Thanks for the great transaction!
  18. Stratos2
    Stratos2 Rat2
    Thanks for the purchase!
  19. Stratos2
    Stratos2 Ker
    Thanks for the great trade!
  20. Stratos2
    Stratos2 Portia
    Thank you for the fast easy trade!