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1000s of artifacts, 100s of rares and 100s of supply bundles for sale!

Discussion in 'Sell Items (WTS Gear, Decorations, Crafted Items)' started by Titania Xylia, May 11, 2020.

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    Visit Crossroads Alleys - I have 8 vendors right next to Phil's COTO exchange near the entrance to the main area. You should come check out what Shawn has being doing with Crossroads alleys. IMO it's one of the coolest market layouts and now he's added village lots to the main market area.

    I've been selling there since Friday and was able to sell nearly a thousand listings. Thanks, Shawn!


    Orange supply bundle (last one) - 400k
    Blue supply bundle (~20) - 20k each
    Yellow supply bundle (100+) - 7k each
    Grey supply bundle (50+) - 1.5k each

    Artifacts - Rings, Necklaces, Shields and Weapons from 6k to 35k each - still tons more to list

    50 Wands of Static Discharge, uncommon - 10k each
    18 Two-handed mace of unsummoning, uncommon - 8k each
    49 Ring of the Mouse, Uncommon - 9k each
    87 Ring of the Moon, Uncommon - 7500 each
    6 Necklace of Civility, Uncommon - 9k each
    3 Necklace of Civility, Common - 4k each
    2 Daemon Trident, Uncommon - 25k each
    3 Frozen Tear of the Titans, Uncommon - 10k each
    81 Halberd of the Sun, Uncommon - 10k each
    72 Ring of Water, Uncommon - 7500 each
    86 Cutlass of the Swashbuckler, Uncommon - 9k
    32 Gauntlets of Lead, Uncommon - 17.5k each
    18 Shield of Attraction, Uncommon - 10k each
    39 Thimble of Evelyn, Uncommon - 10k each
    41 Wayland Loop, Uncommon - 15k each
    42 Maple Band, Uncommon - 12.5k each
    24 Ring of Air, Uncommon - 9k each
    58 Ring of Chrysopoeia, Uncommon - 10k each
    1 Ring of Jones, Rare - 40k
    59 Ring of Jones, Uncommon - 7500g each
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