(12-29-23/07:30 CST) Silvertree Gift Exchange & Holiday Livestream (SW Brit Wharfs)

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    Seasons Greetings Friends,

    The Silvertree Family (Consortium if you will) would like to extend this invitation to you for the Silvertree Gift Exchange & Holiday Party and Livestream.
    • Who: Everyone
    • What: Gift Exchange & Friendly social gathering
    • When: 12-29-23 @ 7:30pm CST - Until people stop showing up or midnight (whichever comes first)
    • Where: The Silvertree Yule Grove, just east of Silvertree Manor in the SW quadrant of Brittany Wharfs.
    • Why: While I realize that Yule has already come and gone, it is because I love this amazing community and certainly the tradition of gathering with my SotA friends during the holidays, I wish to take some time to remember the year with the friends that I carry over from years past, and the new friends I have made along the way.
    Everyone is welcome, even if you do not want to participate in the dancing or the gift exchange. We are all friends at the end of the day and it nice just to see your faces! Come celebrate another Year passed with us and enjoy spending time with old friends.

    I will be livestreaming the festivities on my various channels. You can check out the Silvertree Community Portal https://theconsortium.locals.com where you can find links to all of the places you can find me.

    I will officiate the gift exchange, which will begin as soon as enough Avatars have shown up with gifts or 9pm CST, whichever comes first*.

    When you arrive:
    • Trade with me a Gift in any container that is not public (i.e. no dead bodies or coffins).
    • Identify your gift with something like "Yule Gift 2023", it does not have to include your name.
    • Do not specify a recipient. This is a white elephant style exchange and the gifts will potentially be exchanged multiple times.
    • Officiator will:
      • Create an ordered list/line of the Avatar's present and participating in the exchange.
      • Place a gift in front of each avatar a gift in that order.
      • Give the each Avatar view permissions on the gift in front of them.
    • Each Avatar in line will open their gift and inspect what is inside.
    • The first Avatar in the list/line will:
      1. Have 30-45 sec to decide if they would like to keep or exchange their gift.
        • If "Keep" was decided, they must stay in the line as any Avatar in the exchange may decide to exchange with them.
        • If "Exchange" was decided, they may choose any other Avatar in the line to exchange gifts with. (They may have no knowledge of the other Avatar's gift besides what is already public)
      2. Tell the Officiator their choice
    • Officiator will then swap the gifts (The same rules apply until the end of the exchange, no gift is officially gifted until the end of the exchange) and the next avatar in line will repeat from step 1.
    • Once every Avatar has been given a gift and gone through one round of exchanges the gift exchange is over and the Officiator will give each Avatar permission to remove their gift so that they may enjoy it!
    This all sounds more confusing then it is and it should be quite fun to be a part of. If nothing else, if you know my stream... it will probably be a dumpster fire. Hey, at least we'll be warm ;)

    #NOTE: This is a friendly community and I would expect that as adults we would have the decorum to treat each other with respect and not try to cheat or game the system for this gift exchange. Please treat your fellow Avatars the way you would expect them to treat you, and do not interfere with containers during the exchange that are not intended for you.

    I understand that trading non-empty containers does not (or didn't last I checked) work, so you will have to empty it's contents into the trade window and then place the container. Alternatively you can mail me the container with its contents still inside but his will cost a nominal fee based on the value of the items in the delivery.
    Travel to the Brittany Wharfs, enter through the Southwest gate. Once you have passed through the gate, immediately turn due North. Travel the road until you come to the first crossroads. The Silvertree Yule Grove lies just beyond this crossroad on the west side of the road. You cannot miss it.

    As I said earlier, this event will be Livestreamed by me, but if you are also a streamer and would like to stream the event and/or gift exchange, you are more then welcomed/encouraged even, to attend, participate, and stream all at the same time :)

    I will just be hanging out with whoever shows up until we start. I will be doing a reading of some Christmas stories/poems as well if we have enough people that are interested. After the exchange is over, I will be hanging out with anyone that stays for a Holiday 'chill & relax' Party. If there are other parties going on, I would also be down to do some party hopping! We can just see where the mood takes us!!!

    I hope to see you all there but in case you cannot make it, I (and the rest of the Silvertree family) would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays (if I missed anyone), and/or just in general a fantastic remainder of your year.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Royal Lord Marshal
    Elryin Silvertree
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    If I want to attend an event, do I just have to go there? What do I need to prepare? I nver join any events before, so I don't know.
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    Awe, we missed this due to being away on winter break!