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A day in the life of a farmer

Discussion in 'Release 63 Feedback' started by Mishikal, Mar 6, 2019.

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    @Chris This post covers some of the very frustrating issues with agriculture that fertilizer is simply never going to solve, because it deals with bugs and vendor issues.

    Yesterday I planted 2,000 cotton seeds.

    Step #1) Find a vendor that sells cotton seeds (Done, thanks to sotawiki).

    Step #2) Buy 8,000 buckets of water. This is a tedious and time consuming task, because the most water I can find on a vendor is just over 400. So it takes 20 individual purchases to get enough water. I dread the day I get to plant out my full set of beds, because I will need just over 13,000 water to do that. That's 33 purchases from a vendor, which are slow and tedious.

    ---> Suggestion: Increase the number of buckets of water available to purchase from POT NPC vendors to 10,000 at a time.

    Step #3) Go plant the seeds. Task completed with *apparently* no problem, however....

    Step #4) Go water the 2,000 plants the second time. Now this is where it gets interesting. At the end of the second watering run, find I have *2* buckets of water left in my inventory. Go back around and confirm I have watered *every single spot*. I did find that there are 2 different large planting beds with an empty spot in them. Hm.....

    -------> Bug #1) Why did the game "eat" 2 of my plants?

    Step #5) Wait 8 hours (since I'm using a greenhouse for planting). After planting the first property, put all the remaining buckets of water in the bank while I change scenes, since I'm left significantly encumbered. Arrive at second property. Mysteriously, a bucket of water has appeared in my inventory. Get the rest of the water I need out, and continue watering.

    ------> Bug #2) Sometimes the game loses count of how much water you've used. A reload of some sort is necessary (scene change, log in/out) to restore the correct count. Again, confirmed all plants on property #1 had been watered. Also, when I completed watering all 3 lots, I had exactly 3 buckets of water left again out of 2000, so I know I got them all. I've hit this particular issue several times before, so it's not a new issue with R63. It goes back to at least R60.
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    Agreed 100%
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