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A SotA Quest that shows the feel and vision of the game.

Discussion in 'Release 18 Feedback' started by Aartemis, Jun 18, 2015.

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  1. Aartemis

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    This is a question that I have. Is there a Quest (line) in the current release that really shows what the vision of Shroud will be once it is complete. If not, should there be?

    My thought process is this, we have new members joining the Early Access and yes they go through the FTUE but after that perhaps there should be a quest line with a reward that contains a substantial, thought out story that is NOT tied to the game story, that can at least show how you guys envision questing in SOTA.

    We have a lot of onesy-twosy quests and the collection/grand tour quests but I am thinking of something with meat, something along the lines of what makes a Lord British game, well, an LB Game. Something we can point a new player to and say this is Pre-Alpha and a lot of the content is simply in the works, but if you want to see what it will be like when it's done, go see "NPC X" and follow that out to the end.

    I think an actual story arc piece would scare people off from being spoiled, but something created JUST for Early Access as a "proof in concept" final quest might be advantageous in hooking players who are not so interested in simply PVP or Player Run Events. Something that shows what Shroud is all about, filled with emotion, danger and most of all, Choices and Consequences of those choices. A really souped up version of Myra and Myron if you catch my drift.

    I am not sure if you have the assets you need in place at the moment or even if the quest tech is at a point to support those final tie hooks, but I just think if there is something that defines the feel of the final product from a PvE Story standpoint, it would go a long way towards the players who only see a Player Created Sandbox with a touch of PvP here in Pre-Alpha Early Access.
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  2. Lord_Darkmoon

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    I think that it would be important to have a quest in the game that shows how the quests and story will be structured. It is said that SotA puts a lot of focus on the story and quests but right now all we have are some quests that are just in the game for the players to be occupied a bit and to learn more of the lore.

    But I fear that the devs are not ready yet for this. There are many elements and features that are not yet in the game which will be required for the "real" quests. For example it has been said that it is not yet implemented that NPCs can follow you.

    Still I hope that in the not too distant future we will get a real glimpse into how the "real" quests will work and play out in the game. How the story is presented, how events will fold out, how decisions will alter the world. I think that this is important as I fear that players might get a totally wrong impression about what SotA is.
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