A type XP for Walking mode?...

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    Unlike the movie Free Guy, would it be cool to reward people who want to play the game as NPC's or some type of method acting, or simply any type of performance art?... people could even LFG group up and making a visual spectacle in whatever form the event host's choosing.

    Walking people just seems pretty cool, too hard solo with distances, but if people grouped in slow paced mostly walking events that would seem kinda cool. Even if the XP was meaningless, you could be atleast 'grinding some deep rep for that particular scene or geographic region or local governing body'.
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    That's one of the funniest things I've heard that makes some sence :D Imagine seeing your friends just robo walking around town in the mindless daze of macro walking. That would be some real funny stuff to be seeing! :D What would it hurt aye? Some low exp drip into the exp pools. We could even make some special foods and drinks for which could extend our botting walk time :D

    Yet on a more serious note (not much more serious, but a bit more serious) :D Being in the world no matter what you're doing which moves your chr does mean you're doing something, and RP is something. deco is something which also takes walking/running around, so it would make sense that walking or running = exp.

    I could see an entire ingame industry spring up where special walking shoes or even a skate board so the "Novia Slide" on the overland map could look better :D
    I Think it's a Great Idea Crafty! Funny still equals fun in the sane world! :)~TL~
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