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Discussion in 'Skills and Combat' started by Paladin Michael, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Dear @Chris, dear Dev., dear community,

    there are a few skills, I would like to talk about hoping to find them in dev. polish plan:

    1. Lvl up of Skills
    It takes a long way to lvl up a skill, so it feels not good that skillpoints don't change on that way :(
    It would be great to give every uplvl a +, maybe at least 0,25 or 0,5 so we feel our time is honored to do it.

    2. Night Vision and Light
    There seems no reason to lvl them up furhter, because if you have them 20 / 10 minutes (lvl 65),
    why going further? The only reason would be to make them stronger and subtract focus cost ...

    3. Elementals:
    What about to give us skills - like in death tree - to make Elementals stronger and faster or to summon TWO Elementals?

    4. Range and Radius in spells:
    Couldn't these extend on base of the casters Int and Focus?
    For example, start with 0,5 meters and expand it on the knowledge of the caster :)
    So it would make more sense to lvl up and specialize some skills!

    5. Banish undead
    This spell was a great one releases before, because it does damage to more than one enemy.
    Two things:
    Why not having a radius, starting at 0,25 or 0,5 m and make it more with each lvl
    (--> No 4. about Range and Radius)
    Why is it starting with 0 damage?
    The chance of 0 points of effect should be changed depending on mages int/focus.
    A burning light should have always an effect on death ...

    6. changes on
    Strength of Earth
    +15,6 Str. for 21 min, 45 sec
    -15,6 Focus for 21 min, 45 sec

    Air's Embrace
    +15,7 Dexterity for 21 minutes, 49 sec
    -1,6 Damage Resistance for 21 minutes, 49 sex

    +14,5 Intelligence for 20 min, 29 sec
    -14,5 Health for 20 min, 29 sec

    It was argued, if a buff is longer, it has to receive a negative buff.
    Why must it be?
    Consider, (skeleton) mages are stronger than before because of using more magic,
    from this release 44 on Archers are harder too because of changing dodge.

    Okay, I'am fine with the changes of the enemies.

    What I can't follow is the logic of the negative buffs.
    If negative buffs, so couldn't they be more logic?
    If Intelligence raises, why should health go down?
    If Dex raises, why should damage resistance go down?
    Wouldn't it better to loose focus, because this is needed to FOCUS (concentrate) on more power of Strength, Dexterity or Enlightenment ...

    And why can't the negatives buff go down with more uplvl a skill?
    So may be with 100, the negative buff is at -5 or something like this?

    If the reason for the negative buff is just the length of the buff, so please, turn back Strength of Earth, Air's Embrace and Enlightenment to 5 minutes without any negative buff.

    For now there is no good reason to use them further (and I have two at 77, one at 70).
    I use them just for combos with juxtapose :)

    Game is fun, and in a lot of ways hard, undead are really hard (and harder), so it would be good to have skills, giving us great perspectives and reasons to use and lvl them :)

    Thank you for reading my thoughts :)

    What do you think about?
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    On #5 .... hate to break it to you but Banish Undead is just terrible as it is Single target .... Yup... the graphic for the spell is HUGE .... the ability is single target.
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