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Add Docks please!

Discussion in 'Release 57 QA Feedback' started by Lord Andernut, Aug 24, 2018.

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    New Britannian Market
    I currently use water platforms strung together to make docks, but they are sub-par, not the same height as current docks, and do not tie in well with the current docks or new water lot markers so:

    1) Please give us the existing wooden docks as craftable items.

    2) If it's low-hanging fruit you can even create long fancy docks for the add-on store using stone/marble/etc. for towns, gives more options, raises some money.

    3) And make that long central dock going out into the water in forest towns removeable so players can replace it with their own deco dock.

    4) And perhaps dock markers that use fancy docks instead of the default wooden ones.

    5) And perhaps custom lot markers for POTs that have built-in walls around them or hedges or flowers etc. in the store, given that you have tech for it with these full water lots.

    6) And while you're in there add large flower pavers similar to grass/tree removers that don't interfere with lot placement or decorations.

    7) And since you did all that, perhaps a POT tab in the store with all POT-placeable items in it, and you can place docks, custom lot markers, clock-towers, roads, etc. in that section.

    @DarkStarr @BurningToad
Thread Status:
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