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Agriculture: Normalizing water costs

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by Mishikal, Feb 16, 2019.

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    @Chris There are of course numerous issues with agriculture that have been covered ad nauseam in the forums, but I was looking at the growing costs of various seeds, and I think there's a very quick fix that would help just in the form of water costs.

    Currently, regardless of growth time/yield, all crops require 4 buckets of water per seed. 1 at planting, and then 3 over the course of growing. This adds prohibitively to the costs of short seeds (24 hour) which have the least yield. It would make a lot more sense to have the amount of water required tied to the growth duration. A better formula would be:

    24 hour seeds: 2 buckets of water (1 at planting, one after)
    48 hour seeds: 3 buckets of water (1 at planting, 2 over the rest of the growth period)
    72 hour seeds: 4 buckets of water (1 at planting, 3 over the rest of the growth period)

    This would fully normalize watering costs across duration (and makes a lot more sense as well... why does garlic need 4 waterings in 24 hours, the same as an apple tree over the course of 72 hours?).