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Always Buggy

Discussion in 'Player Characters, Animations, & Emotes' started by Night1Candi, Jul 24, 2019.

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    Weird things consistently happen...

    * Just this week alone, if /crouch & jump did not work, I have had to /stuck myself so many times.
    * I recently readjusted my banking system to just be ' everything goes in rather than my OCD sorting into named containers like before ' (now that I know what I need for crafting projects and can try to specifically pick/choose the necessary ingredients). Despite this new system, I still get these pop-up errors which constantly nettle me about there being not enough bank space (even though it is paid up with gold slots and coto slots to level 500) when putting in a single stack (so I have to try multiple times until it finally adds).
    * Although I am not new to the farming system, I sometimes click on the water can in my utility bar, and then the watering process immediately begins rather than offering up a watering circle (which is what it used to do), and I did not double click (as per repeat testing). My current workaround is the number key directly associated with that particular glyph then mousing out the watering circle. My old habits are so ingrained that I screw up often enough, but thank goodness for the 'jump interrupt'.
    * At least twice, I would have to again wear my trouser armor after a couple deaths in The Rise (and they were not broken).
    * Despite being a light armor specialist with GMed Sprint, I still feel a tad slow during the instance scenes for whatever reason (when I am super speedy on the overland map) and while not yet even encumbered.
    * I am often last to load up (despite a recent boost in internet speeds), and those with whom I team up can actually see my player character before I am ever out of the loading screens (on my own side), and all this is really frustrating due to the social stress it consistently provides me.
    * Random items seemingly disappear before they show up once more (doing so after I log out and log in once again), too. This generally happens between item transfers between my own bank/trunk containers.

    I really love SotA, but all this has been adding up to daily frustration, and I somewhat suspect there is something wrong with my poor toon [ Zexalin Donwana ]. Can someone please look into all this for me? Thank you so much.
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