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Animal spawners working but have issues

Discussion in 'Release 72 Feedback' started by Murphy, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Animal spawners working but have issues.
    Chose to post here because this is observations not a specific bug.

    I have placed 8 cat spawners and 4 sheep spawners in town large open ares withing visual distance of each other. as well as a raindeer and a deer (doe)

    Observer behavior: On loadin or placement all spawn, sit then begin to wander a bit. Cats not far sheep larger but still not far about like owls head. Deer and raindeer big but not so far as to lose sight of from spawn point.

    As I move away. All despawn once I am out of visual range. If I return quickly all are usually back where they despawned. If I wait a few minutes, usually only 1 sheep respawns, close to the spawer. The others Never come back. Similar response from cats, a few respawn but those that do not never do. Deer sometimes respawns But if it doesn't it never does. Raindeer usually respawns but same if it doesn't it never does. If I leave town and return after there has been enough time for instance reset all spawn on start. If I return sooner same status as before some there but those not never show up.

    Other avatars if in the vicinity of spawned creatures will keep them spawned but if know one is there despawning occurs and other avatars can not cause spawns.

    In all cases if a steward moves spawner new animal spawns.

    Would like to see: Ability to name spawner so animal carries name.
    Spawners work on lots. Very limited use/sales if only town deco
    Animals spawn whenever anyone is in visual range not just scene owner or steward that moves spawner.
    Animals remain spawned as long as scene is active regardless of avatar presents (this might cause issues not sure)
    Ability to set roam range.

    Info on cat swawners in test 2 of each type available
    test done in ordinis Mortis on qa also being done to lesser extent because of cost in Ordinis on live
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    Yah, there is something with moving away and staying away for a while that makes them despawn and not respawn. One and only is working on a fix. Thanks for reporting and confirming what a few others discovered
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