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    Hail Avatars!

    As you know, we have one of the most generous, compassionate and engaged communities in gaming history. By design, Shroud of the Avatar promotes positive pro-socialization activities, inclusion, and cooperation to not only adventure, but also to build long-lasting friendships and memories.

    As part of that vision, we’re excited to announce a Make A Difference section in the SotA Forums! This section will focus on all the charitable/good work initiatives in our community. Having dedicated forum space will allow our community to get involved and support various philanthropic causes.

    This section of our forums, will focus on the following areas:

    • Community-driven Causes – topics, discussions, and events for community-inspired charitable initiatives, including the AERIE Fund. Get involved, play for a cause!
    • Portalarium ‘Make a Difference’ Offerings – discussions, announcements, and sneak-peeks of the various developer ‘Make a Difference’ campaigns.

    To help moderate this area in the forums, Portalarium has asked that the AERIE Fund (our community non-profit organization) get involved. We’re humbled and honored to serve. Our core mission is to help gamers give in fun, rewarding, and cooperative ways. While we are helping to lead this forum section, please note that this section is not AERIE Fund-exclusive and that any charitable foundations and events are welcome to post in the Make a Difference forum. :)

    So, please, stay in the loop, get involved, and visit the new Make a Difference forum. Together, we’ll continue to make magic happen in real life by playing the game we love.



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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.