Archer and close range combat (enforced)

Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Pounce, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Well as an archer I am supposed to do ranged combat.
    But Sota makes it really more convient to do the melee thing and go toe to toe.


    Because if it is not absolute flat terrain my damage is switched of, often while at same level, no "platforms" or such, literally inches from the mob away.

    Thumb of rule, if it is not an pristine plane I only risk wasting arrows if I do not engage in melee with my bow.

    I wrote bug reports who are not acknowledged so faar (I am tired of writing them)

    I consider to do away with archery and settle for pole arms or so, because an archer is in Sota just another melee (as long the fight does not happen on pristine flat ground, because pepples count as cover, rocks as "Cheating ground" and an small ridge in the ground has to be obvious ground used to exploit some weird pathing bug (because we all know NPCs can not cross 2 inches of train feature.)

    I know archers are by developers the most hated group of players because they use an stick and string to shoot pointy sticks instead going the proper way of waddling around in tin suits or wiggle there fingers and call down hailstorms on enemies.

    I am well aware of that, but please, if you give me an bow and arrows can I not use them at least a little bit?
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    Give it time, high level archers in high level zones actually behave like archers. I'll post a stream. In the Rise, Im always pulling with my bow, running around and placing 2ndary agro behind pillars and walls where they cant hit me as I engage the primary mob as well as finding high ground when I can to attack them.

    Normal farming.. ya... I just stand there face to face with the mob using my bow as if I were a melee myself. No reason why not to since they drop so fast.
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