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Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Witcheypoo, Oct 19, 2019.

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    Just spitballing here... ya know, an idea.
    Ok, so you are looking for Item A.
    You go look through MULTITUDES of vendors, quite a few of whom are empty. pretty exciting huh.
    My idea is to have, posted by the banker/town crier an auctioneer who charges +/- 10% to show you a listing of every item on every vendor in the POT/Town. you CAN buy it there, or find out the name of the vendor and go search them out, If you buy it from that Auctioneer you get charged 10% (or whatever percent Catnip wants to charge you) for the convenience of the use of the auctioneer.
    (Catnip could sell the auctioneer, prolly for a LOT)
    ALTERNATIVELY (Or in conjunction with *shrug*)
    You could charge an account unlock that makes it where when you open up the Auctioneer's tab you could see everything in a certain amount of towns that you pick out to show... I would limit that to like 5 towns *shrug* i dunno, just guesstimating here. Don't wanna make it too WoW'esque. I truly hate trying to find that ONE item at a reasonable price. After HOURS of just wandering around wasting my time, I usually have entirely forgotten where the heck I found that ONE of that item that was SLIGHTLY lower priced! IRRITATING!

    Just tossing out an idea. :) try not to rip me too badly!

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