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    Battle of Solace Bridge

    "Everything went fine till I reached the first gate.
    The game is telling me that I need a key to open the gate. What?!!
    I didn't see any keyhole anywhere next to the switch of the gate!
    Well, I picked up the key anyways and I opened the gate, but I was left wondering to which
    hole I used the key as there were no keyholes at all. What an immersion breaker!

    The onscreen hints were playing nicely until Edvard started
    telling me about the boat. Suddenly the onscreen hints just abandoned me just like that:
    I was getting no more onscreen hints to help me to continue the tutorial. I was lost.
    I got used to the onscreen hints of constantly telling me in which way I should run to reach
    my destinations already in Isle of Storms.

    I was not sure if I should actually find any boat, because there was not any onscreen
    hint appearing on the screen to tell me to do so. Once I was approaching the boat, I was wondering if
    the boat is really a right boat as there was no onscreen hint appearing. When I was next to the boat, I was
    unsure what to do with the boat as there was no onscreen hint appearing and telling
    me that I should double click the boat."

    • There is no keyhole, but you are told that the gate has to be opened with a key.
    • The Onscreen hints for the boat part of the tutorial are non-existant: new players will get lost when they are supposed to take the boat to Soltown.

    How to improve:
    • Add a non-interactive keyhole next to the switch of the gate.

    Add the following onscreen hints for the boat part of the tutorial:
    • "The boat Edvard spoke of is on the nearby riverbank, next to the bridge."
    • "As a point of interest, the boat now appears on your compass as
    • "The boat Edvard mentioned is down the path, to your left."
    • "There is the boat Edvard mentioned, run down the path to
      aboard the boat."
    • "Double click the boat to travel to Soltown."

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