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Brewing Profitability

Discussion in 'Release 56 QA Feedback' started by kaeshiva, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. kaeshiva

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    I'm not sure if the numbers on QA are final or not yet, but if they are, then brewing is no longer profitable.

    In order for brewing to be profitable, at the brewing stage (not counting profits from farming) (assuming you buy crops @ npc price of 4, and make alcohol):

    Unit Cost to craft beer: 4 (3.6 for edelmann)
    Unit cost to craft wine: 4.5

    If they don't sell for more than this...and if wine is not "better" than beer, then the entire system is kind of...moot?

    I appreciate you don't want people to "print money" but at values less than this, you remove the entire purpose from the brewing system.

    Beer selling for 4 (as previously did) you do make a bit of profit if you do all the farming steps, but most of the profit you make is from the farming stage.

    Wine selling for 6 (as previously did) was fine. You made about twice as much as you did for beer, for slightly over double the time. This seemed well thought out and balanced.

    Even with a 500 cask operation you're making very little money with brewing as it was, reducing the prices further essentially makes brewing a non-viable way to make money and not worth the setup time/effort. =/

    If the issue was cask storage and maturation then simply make it so they must be placed and leave the prices alone?
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  2. moxiepilot

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    Hopefully this will garner the attention it requires to balance brewing. It doesn't make sense if you can't make a little money.
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