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Camera Look sensitivity notably decreased on OS X client

Discussion in 'User Interface (Including Launcher)' started by Widsith [MGT], Sep 26, 2019.

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    09/26/2019 10:03
    Title: Camera Look sensitivity notably decreased on OS X client
    Reproduction Rate:100%
    Blocker?No, just annoying as f
    Details: Camera look sensitivity has changed by up to 50% (lower) in cursor mode. Makes movement and viewing very sluggish, and a real pain with muscle memory developed over many releases. Can be 'fixed' by setting up the sensitivity in control panel, but then seems rather jerky. Did Unity mess this over?

    ETA: A long stnading issue, where the POV will suddenly jerk when moving the mouse, has gotten many times worse at the same time. Now you get a jerk every time you mouse down in order to move. Extremely annoying.
    User Specs:
    OS: Mac OS X 10.12.6
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5675R CPU @ 3.10GHz (4) System RAM: 16384
    GPU: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Pro Graphics 6200 GPU RAM: 1536
    Area: POT_island_metropolis_01_template/Rift's End
    Area Display Name: Rift's End
    Loc: (80.6, 89.0, -60.8)
    Debug: UE9UX2lzbGFuZF9tZXRyb3BvbGlzXzAxX3RlbXBsYXRlfFJpZnQncyBFbmR8KDgwLjU1NCwgODkuMDA0LCAtNjAuNzk3KXwoMCwgLTAuMzIsIDAsIDAuOTQ3KXwtNjkuOTQ2Nzh8MzQuMDI3NjR8MS42Njc5MTY=
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