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Can't reclaim or sell items from your vendor? Read this!

Discussion in 'Release 42 Bug Forum' started by Lexie, Jun 14, 2017.

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    If you see the error msg "Failed to reclaim the item from the vendor" when reclaiming your player owned vendor items please note these items have to be returned to your bank first. To resolve this issue please do ONE of the following:

    1) Pick up the vendor and place it in your inventory. This will send the items to the bank.


    2) Go to the bank and go to the vendor list items and send the items to the bank from there.

    These items will then be bug-free.

    What is this about?
    This can happen in situations where the vendor items should have been moved back to the bank originally but did not (the house was swapped out for a different one, for example.)

    How can you tell if a vendor item is bugged?
    When you hover your mouse over the item it will say the following "This item is not currently available to the public because the vendor that it is associated with is not currently placed on a housing lot." In addition, attempts to reclaim it will give the "failed to reclaim" error msg as noted above.

    A fix for live is on the way but please note this fix is not retroactive. So if you have this issue already you must complete #1 or #2 to fix the issue.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.