Chat System Needs Improvements

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Cairo Hayden, Jun 12, 2021.

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    The chat system needs overhauled at some point because for me it seems to have been left behind in the past.
    I have some improvements to suggest and perhaps even a bug to report though I'm not 100% sure how to duplicate it.

    Let's start with the bug I know of. Occasionally when I'm in chat with someone, most noticeable when I'm in the middle of a PM with a player, I will type a message, hit enter and nothing will happen. I can hit enter multiple times and the message will not send. Typically what I have found to fix this issue is if I single mouse click somewhere within my message where the cursor starts to flash as if you are adding a word into your already typed out message, and then I hit enter it will send the message.

    As far as an improvement I would like to see in the chat system is as follows. This may be difficult to put into words but I will do my best with an example that is 100% duplicated for a dev to verify.

    For example, you have 3 tabs open in your chat. Your first tab could be a default tab, 2nd tab could be for traders chat only, and the 3rd tab will be guild chat only.

    If I am in tab one, and I am engaged in a private message with another player, typically if I want to keep replying after I send a message is I just hit the enter key one time and start typing and enter again to send the message. The issue is, some of us forget if we decide to look at trader chat or guild chat just to see what is going on but are still engaged in PMs with another player, if we hit enter to reply, it will actually post your message into the trader chat if in tab 2 and the guild chat if in tab 3. It defaults the message to whatever chat you last replied to in that particular tab.

    So if I private messaged someone in all 3 tabs, it will stay in that private message with that person, however again, if I spoke in trader chat 10 minutes prior, or guild chat 10 minutes prior in the corresponding tabs, I cannot carry my conversation from tab 1 into tab 2 or 3 without /r replying to that person again or my message I think I am sending them actually goes into trade or guild chat.

    Please correct this, find a way to correct this because it's one of those little annoying things in life I think most of us would be happier if it was gone.

    If I am replying to person in tab one, when I move to tab 2 or 3, hitting enter should still reply to that person I'm engaged in a conversation with. If I want to talk in trade chat or guild chat then I need to switch by typing /t or /g to switch. Simple as that :D
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