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Childhood Sweetheart Quest

Discussion in 'Quests, Conversations, & NPC's' started by Draugur2, Dec 11, 2017.

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    1. Childhood Sweetheart Quest
    2. 100%
    3. No
    4. Do the Childhood Sweetheart quest and finish it. When you talk to Barkley again it starts the quest over. When you go to Felicia to try to get another letter to give to Barkley she says she can't wait to hear what he says. She wont give another letter and thus you cannot complete the quest. No way to get rid of the quest from your log, Barkley should not be able to start the quest a second time with you.
    5. Finish the quest once then talk to Barkley again about Felicia and the quest starts over.
    6. N/A

    Note: If any more info is needed like where said ppl are let me know and I will give more detailed info. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.