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Clarification on multiboxing

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Chris, Jan 5, 2020.

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  1. Chris

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    I've seen a lot of misinformation on this shared around which is causing some unrest so I wanted to make a clean post here stating our position.

    Multi-boxing IS allowed. The only thing that is not allowed is having a second (or third+) client in the background that is executing some automatically triggered skill like autoattack or crafting. For example, if you run multiple clients and switch to a second one to cast a heal spell, that is fine BUT your other account might miss an auto attack or two while you do that. If you are a streamer running a single client and want to tab over to twitch to chat, that is fine and nothing changes as this will only impact people running multiple clients.

    Auto attack was not originally a feature in the game. It was something we added because some of our players have conditions that make it difficult to constantly click a button. While we have no plans to remove it, this along with pets is quite possibly the most exploited feature in the game as it is almost the only one where you set it and forget it and keeps on triggering. This is very different than a DoT or HoT as those are just slightly more efficient spells that balance that efficiency by not applying all the effect up front. Also, I will be investigating making pets follow the same rules so that pets stop attacking when you run multiple clients and the pet client is in the background.

    Starting next release I will be enforcing on client and observing on server this behavior. If multiple clients are running on the same machine and skills and spells and autoattacks will only activate if the client is in the foreground. I will only do this check if multiple clients are running so it should not impact the play experience of streamers or crafters who start doing something them tab over to another window to chat or check a wiki page UNLESS you are running multiple clients.

    Yes, I'm aware that there may be a number of ways on the client to try and trick this system which is why I'll also add a graph for tracking this type behavior on our server and investigate those that seem out of order or those that are reported. Those who work to circumvent this will likely receive a single warning.

    tl;dr version
    • Multiboxing is fine
    • Auto-attacking in the background IF you are multiboxing is not fine. Not allowed and will be blocked by client.
    • Players who run a single client will not be impacted by this in anyway
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