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Combat doesn't feel like gambling anymore! I love it!

Discussion in 'Release 50 Feedback Forum' started by ILLUSIONITE, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Violet Ronso

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    First off I wanna point out that if you do read this, Thanks alot for your hard work this morning @Chris, I see you replying to everyone so fast and honestly feels good to get an Idea of why the change was done or if we are off with our ideas, so seriously, big love this morning!!!

    2nd thing is, for PvE, I feel like the math change is something wonderfull! I don't feel like I'm rolling a huge dice anymore hoping to get a decent number, I know that my damage should be around a specific number, and charging attacks never felt so good! I had stopped using charged attacks a while back because it felt so bad charging up for 2-3 seconds and then releasing a lower number than when I had auto-attack enabled, now, Charged attacks have gotten so much love back from me and it has really made my experience more enjoyable as I plan out ahead of a fight if I want to auto or charge attack!

    Now as a final note, I haven't checked the numbers back but once again, I think Fizzle Chance is off, something isn't working right. Here is the link to my thread on this : https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/f...zzle-rates-affected-by-gear-seems-off.108521/
  2. Lifedragn

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    Definitely agree that combat feels more smooth and less spikey. I like the change.