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Concern over returning older customers - stuck tasks and blue sparkles

Discussion in 'Release 65 Feedback' started by Anpu, May 6, 2019.

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    Something that may be a bit of a concern with people who perhaps played a long time ago, and are returning now to check out the game are still going to notice a few things have not changed. For example the tasks that still won't clear in your task/journal as well as blue sparkles for quests you have already finished.

    I'll provide 3 examples. My main character has been playing for over a year, and still has a few stuck journal entries as well as blue sparkle indicators for tasks I finished years ago. If I had stopped playing a year ago, and was returning, and playing with my old character, I'd still see the following on my character:

    I still need to return the Vault key to Marlin (I finished this quest years ago).

    I need to look for the Vault Key at various locations, but I finished this years ago.

    I need to return some logbooks, but I finished this years ago. This journal entry is stuck in my journal.

    I CAN however confirm (with a new character that I am now currently playing, a new character slot on my main account), and these quests DO get cleared correctly (even the blue sparkles).

    Players DO have a one time quest re-set to remove all Quest Items and then re-set all quests. You can however only do this one time. And doing these quests again now, should (for the most part) get cleared correctly as well as the associated blue sparkles.

    If I want to remove all these stuck journal entries and blue sparkles, should I HAVE to use that one time quest re-set to actually fix this problem?
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    I am in the same boat as you, and used my reset per accident in the past when I just started playing. I also would like to know, what now.
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