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Cooking improvements

Discussion in 'Release 56 Feedback' started by Mishikal, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. Mishikal

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    A large chunk of cooking really consists of refining raw materials, but it only has a single entry in the skill tree. I think the following things would help improve the tree and give chefs something to work toward. I think what was done for other refining specialties works well:

    1) Swift Refine Materials -- Decrease the time to refine items
    2) Batching Materials -- Lets you create > 20 items at a time
    3) Efficient Refine Materials - chance to proc additional items when refining

    Examples of refining in the cooking tree:
    Jar of Cooking Oil
    Sack of Flour
    Sack of Wheat Grain
    Sack of Salt
    Crackling and Oil
    Jar of Vegetable stock

    (etc. Most of the items underneath "Cooking components" in the profession book).
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    This was one of the reasons why I asked for swift component creation and batch component creation. Per forum search, efficient component creation was under evaluation to see if it'd cause too much awesome. Having batch and swift component creation would allow for the above and also stuff from the other production and refinement trees.
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