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    Hello Avatars! Thought it'd be handy if folks had a fully listing of the possible Vault items that might cycle in each week into the store. Keep your eyes out!

    9 items appear every week! Once they appear, they go on cooldown and won't reappear until their cooldown has expired. These 331 items all rotate in at least once per year. Also, some items are seasonal and will only appear around the season appropriate to the item.

    If you have any questions about the Crown Store Vault, please do not hesitate to ask by posting below OR simply message me in a PM on the forums, and I'm happy to help.

    2016 Cupid Ensemble
    2016 Cupid Heart Cloak
    2016 Valentine Hearts Cloak
    2016 Winter Holiday Soundtrack
    Admiral's Hat
    Adobe 2-Story Village Home
    Adobe 2-Story with Upper Deck Village Home
    Adobe Brick 2-Story with Roof Access Village Home
    Adobe Dome Set
    Adobe Two-Story w/ Patio & Balcony (Village Home)
    Aeronaut Wearable Pack
    Aether Aeronaut Helmet
    Aether Axe
    Aether Crossbow
    Aether Longbow
    Aether Shield
    Aether Spear
    Aether Sword
    Aether Two-handed Mace
    Airship City Home
    Anchor Decoration
    Ancient Elven Bow
    Ancient Stone Room Fishing Grotto
    Appaloosa Foal Decoration Pet (Domesticated)
    Autumn Fairy Crown
    Autumn Fairy Outfit
    Autumn Fairy Wings
    Autumn Leaf Mask
    Autumn Leaf Shield
    Autumn Leaf Trident
    Baby Black & Orange Spider Pet
    Baby Llama Decoration Pet
    Banded Turkey Decoration Pet
    Barn 2-Story Village Home
    Battle Banner
    Black & Chrome Ornate Aeronaut Outfit
    Black & Chrome Ornate Aeronaut Outfit Pattern Pack
    Black Clockwork Cat Decoration Pet
    Black Clockwork Dog Decoration Pet
    Black Clockwork Raven Decoration Pet
    Black Foal Decoration Pet (Domesticated)
    Black Ice Bow
    Black Ice Shield
    Black Ice Sword
    Black Ice Wings
    Black Sky Navy Helmet
    Black Squirrel
    Black Stag Decoration Pet
    Blackened Metal Baby Clockwork Dragon
    Blade of the Avatar Cloak
    Bloodraven Pet
    Blue Electric Sword
    Brass Clockwork Monkey Decoration Pet
    Brass Mini Automaton Decoration Pet
    Brindle Greyhound Decoration Pet
    Broom Decoration Pet
    Brown Chaperon Hat
    Brown Nomad Hat
    Brown Pilgrim Bonnet
    Brown Pilgrim Hat
    Buckskin Foal Decoration Pet (Domesticated)
    Cabinet of Virtue
    Candle Helmet
    Clockwork Umbrella
    Cloud Imperium Navy Airship (City Home)
    Combat Sigil Cloak
    Crafting Sigil Cloak
    Cylindrical Automaton Decoration Pet
    Dark Leaf Spear
    Dark Thorn Sword
    Dark Yule Outfit
    Darkstarr Chaos Shield
    Darkstarr Crossbow
    Darkstarr Dagger
    Darkstarr Morningstar
    Darkstarr Spear
    Darkstarr Staff
    Darkstarr Sword
    Darkstarr Two-handed Sword
    Darkstarr Wand
    Dragon Polearm
    Dragon Sword
    Dragonfly Wings
    Druid Town Home
    Dun Foal Decoration Pet (Domesticated)
    Electric Halberd
    Elven Archer Armor
    Elven Cloak
    Elven Elder Archer Armor
    Elven Elder Archer Armor Pattern Pack
    Elven Elder Fighter Armor
    Elven Elder Fighter Armor Pattern Pack
    Elven Elder Mage Robe
    Elven Elder Mage Robe Pattern Pack
    Elven Fighter Armor
    Elven Four-Story City Home
    Elven House in a Hill
    Elven Keep Village Home
    Elven Mage Outfit
    Elven Peaked-Roof Village Home
    Elven Tree (Town Home)
    Elven Wardrobe
    Evileye Emote
    Exclamation Stovepipe Hat
    Fall Wreath 2017
    Fall Wreath 2019
    Fancy Riding Outfit
    Fire Dance Cross Emote
    Fire Dance Emote
    Firedancer Outfit
    Fireworks 45-Piece Assortment 1
    Flame Scimitar
    Flame Shield
    Flame Stained Glass Oil Table Lamp 3-Pack
    Flaming Bagpipes
    FloatMeditate Emote
    Floral Stained Glass Lantern
    Floral Stained Glass Table Lamp 3-Pack
    Flower Emote
    Flowerleap Emote
    Fountain of Frozen Waters
    Frozen Bagpipes
    Garden Leprechaun
    Garden Shed
    Gentlemen's Admiral Outfit
    Gentlemen's Riding Outfit
    Ghost Cat Decoration Pet
    Ghost Dog Decoration Pet
    Ghost Raven Decoration Pet
    Giant Butterfly Decoration Pet
    Giant Dragonfly Decoration Pet
    Giant Monarch Butterfly Decoration Pet
    Giant Scarecrow
    Golden Giant Dragonfly Decoration Pet
    Golden Jeweled Gauntlet
    Gossamer Virtue Cloak
    Grey Donkey Decoration Pet
    Grim Reaper Mask
    Grim Reaper Mask 2016
    Grim Reaper Statue
    Hacked Oracle Crawler Decoration Pet
    Hacked Oracle Flyer Pet
    Headless Horseman Grim Reaper Statue 2017
    Headless Mask
    Holly Wreath with Candles Hat
    Holly Wreath with Sparklers Hat
    Hot Air Balloon
    Hula Emote
    Ice Elemental Statue
    Ice Hot Tub
    Ice Nightmare Mask
    Ice Wings
    Icy Ancient Stone Room Fishing Grotto
    Island Dress
    Island Flower Crown
    Island Spear
    Jabbering Bertha
    Jester Carnival Mask
    Jester Outfit
    Juggle Oracle Eyes Emote
    Juggle Skulls Emote
    Kobold 2-Story with Rooftop Deck Village Home
    Kobold 3-Story with Open Deck Town Home
    Kobold 4-Story Great Hall City Home
    Kobold Archer Mask
    Kobold Fighter Mask
    Kobold Mage Mask
    Kobold Mask
    Kobold Masks Set 1
    Kobold Masks Set 2
    Kobold Metal Storage Chest
    Kobold Radiant Energy Capacitor
    Kobold Radiant Energy Coil
    Ladies' Admiral Outfit
    Ladies' Riding Outfit
    Large Headless Horseman Grim Reaper Statue 2017
    Large Knight's Tent
    Large Nightmare Statue
    Large Spooky Fountain
    Large Tiki Statue
    Lava Hot Tub
    Leaf Shield
    Leaf Spear
    Leather and Metal Kilt
    Leprechaun Hat
    Longboat Dry Dock
    Magic Sigil Cloak
    Mandarin Duck
    Mardi Gras Fountain
    Mardi Gras Garland 12-Pack
    Metal Crossbow
    Obsidian Altar
    Obsidian Cloak
    Obsidian Keep City Home
    Obsidian Order Plate Set
    Obsidian Order Throne
    Obsidian Order Wizard Robes
    Obsidian Sarcophagus
    Obsidian Tower (Village Home)
    Obsidian Tower Town Home
    Obsidian Village Home
    Oracle Cable Wings
    Oracle Cloak
    Oracle Eye Hood
    Oracle Eye Mirror
    Oracle Eye Throne
    Oracle Statue Head
    Ornate Black Leather Aeronaut Helmet
    Ornate Elven Longbow
    Ornate Elven Longbow Pattern Pack
    Ornate Elven Longsword
    Ornate Elven Longsword Pattern Pack
    Ornate Elven Wardrobe
    Ornate Flamberge
    Ornate Flamberge Pattern Pack
    Ornate Katana
    Ornate Katana Pattern Pack
    Ornate Kobold Metal Storage Chest
    Ornate Norgard Axe
    Ornate Norgard Axe Pattern Pack
    Ornate Obsidian Sarcophagus
    Ornate Scarecrow 2016
    Ornate Scythe 2017
    Ornate Scythe 2017 Pattern Pack
    Ornate Skull Candle
    Ornate Tansu Chest
    Ornate Viking Chest
    Ornate Viking Short Sword
    Ornate Viking Short Sword Pattern Pack
    Ornate Vile Mace
    Ornate Vile Mace Pattern Pack
    Pallas's Cat
    Pot o' Gold
    Prisoner's Mask
    Question Stovepipe Hat
    Red Fez Hat
    Red Squirrel Decoration Pet
    Reindeer Decoration Pet
    Ring of Stones Village Home
    Roan Foal Decoration Pet (Domesticated)
    Rotten Armor Outfit
    Rotten Flesh Cloak
    Row Boat
    Saddle and Bags with Stand
    Saddle with Stand
    Samba Emote
    Scarecrow Mask
    Shiba Inu Dog
    Shingle-Roof Stone Village Home
    Shogun 1-Story Village Home
    Shogun Five-Story City Home
    Shogun Four-Story Town Home
    Shroud of the Avatar Soundtrack Volume 1 - Wax Cylinders
    Skull Cloak
    Small Knight's tent
    Small Obsidian Obelisk
    Snow Emote
    Snowflake Cloak
    Snowflake Pattern Cloak
    Speckled Turkey Decoration Pet
    Spooky Wax Cylinder Pack
    Spotted Rabbit
    Tabletop Elf Statue with Yule Hat
    Tall Dead Hedge Fence
    Tansu Chest
    Thorn Bow
    Thorn Mace
    Thorn Two-handed Sword
    Tiny Airship Pet
    Torn and Tattered Wedding Dress Outfit
    Torn and Tattered Wedding Tuxedo Outfit
    Tower (Village Home)
    Tower Town Home
    Traditional Yule Hat
    Turkey Decoration Pet
    Upscale Stables
    Viking 2-Story Stronghold Village Home
    Viking Brynhildr Shield
    Viking Brynhildr Shield Pattern Pack
    Viking Chest
    Viking Great Hall City Home
    Viking Guor Shield
    Viking Guor Shield Pattern Pack
    Viking Three-Story Stronghold (Town Home)
    Viking Tyr Shield
    Viking Tyr Shield Pattern Pack
    Village Pavilion
    Vintage Blue Velvet with Nailheads Furniture Set
    Vintage Red Velvet with Nailheads Furniture Set
    Virtue Aeronaut Helmet
    Virtue Clockwork Wings
    Virtue Dirndl Outfit
    Virtue Flame Armor Set
    Virtue Fur Hat
    Virtue Ice Crown
    Virtue Ice Gown Outfit
    Virtue Ice Shield
    Virtue Ice Sword
    Virtue Ice Wand
    Virtue Icicle Cloak
    Wardance Emote
    White Foal Decoration Pet (Domesticated)
    White Rabbit
    White Raven Decoration Pet
    White Reindeer Decoration Pet
    White Rottweiler Decoration Pet
    White Sky Navy Helmet
    White Squirrel Decoration Pet
    White Turkey Decoration Pet
    Windmill Village Home
    Winter Lynx Decoration Pet
    Witch's Hat
    Wizard Tower Village Home
    Wood & Plaster 2-Story Village Home
    Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Balcony Town Home
    Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Balcony Village Home
    Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Front Porch Town Home
    Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Great Hall Village Home
    Wood & Plaster 2-Story with Overhang Village Home
    Wood & Plaster 3-Story with Open Floor Plan Village Home
    Yule Hat
    Yule Velvet Bodice Ensemble
    Zombie Mask
    Zombie One-Eyed Mask
    Zombie Statue
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    Are there plans to expand the vault item set to include more previous telethon items?
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    Athens, Georgia, USA
    Greetings all
    Thank you Elgarion for this list. I can start putting checks by the ones I will be looking for. As things are added will this list be updated?
  4. Elgarion

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    I'm actually routinely doing this. Every time I do a pass looking for items, I find quite a few. I'll continue to do this until I cannot find anymore. If there are any in particular you'd like me to search for, feel free to mention it here or in a PM.
    You bet. It's a simple list to export and update. If you ever feel it needs a looksie, feel free to ask, and I'll know if I'm behind on it.
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    Eureka, California
    Hello Elgarion, one thing I would like added is the Aether Vibration Amplifier, not the back pack or console. I've been trying to find one for a couple of years but they are scarce.
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    I wish we could get the items which had been originally sold for charity. I have kicked myself many times for not getting the miniature tree pet (i.e. a 'baby groot') or the cloak which was also sold as part of that conservation minded charity. But at that time, I was po' (poor) and just couldn't do it.
  7. Alley Oop

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    i don't think they're doing pledge rewards.
  8. Elgarion

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    Yes, Alley's right. Pledge rewards will never go into the store. It's possible we could make another version in the future.

    We actually just talked about this, but we'll be holding off a bit longer until we figure the best method for any renewed offerings.
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    Eureka, California
    Thanks for the heads up. The search goes on!
  10. Barugon

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    I would like to have a craftable one, like how there's a craftable phonograph.
  11. Lily Byrd

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    Could it be possible to add the telethon deco covered wagon to the vault sale rotation? Pretty please? Or a craftable version? Or both?
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    Sure thing, I'll get that into the rotation for R94+. It'll likely show up soon after since it'll be hot with no cooldown yet. I believe it is called Traveler's Wagon.